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Fantasy Buildings released!

It’s Day 10!  After 9 days of releases spread around 2500 years of history we jump to Fantasy for our final release, with a set of 10mm ruined buildings now available.

These have been rescaled down from our larger 15mm and 28mm sets so that they fit perfectly with our 10-12mm Fantasy ranges.  They should be OK for the Medieval and Renaissance period as well.  Sizes vary from 45x40mm upto 110x80mm.

We’ll be releasing some more 10mm MDF buildings soon, with some more rescaled Fantasy and WWII ruins next on the plan.

RED-10F-01    Fantasy Ruined buildings pack x 6    £16.00

And that’s the end of our ’10 Days of 10mm’!  We hope you’ve found something useful over the past week and a half, and we’ll have some more new stuff coming early in February for you.

Ancients Casualties released!

On our penultimate day of releases we head right back to our earliest periods and continue a bit of a theme, with more casualty markers released for almost all of our Ancients ranges.

GRE12    Greek casualty markers (10)    £1.85
PER23    Persian casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ARR12    Republican Roman casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ACR15    Carthaginian casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ASP10    Spanish casualty markers (10)    £1.85
AIR13    Imperial Roman casualty markers (10)    £1.85
AGA9    Gallic casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ADA8    Dacian casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ASA7    Sarmatian casualty markers (10)    £1.85

And some pics:

Greek casualty markers

Persian casualty markers

Republican Roman casualty markers

Carthaginian casualty markers

Spanish casualty markers

Imperial Roman casualty markers

Gallic casualty markers

Dacian casualty markers

Sarmatian casualty markers

Our final day will be a bit of scenery…

WSS Casualty marker released!

For Day 8 of our releases we’ve got a handy little casualty marker for the WSS range.  This one was commissioned by mollinary, who was very patient while we got it moulded up!  We might do a quick tweak to this for the SYW further down the line.

18th Century
MAL23   Casualty markers (10)   £1.85

Day 9 will see a similar batch of options for the Ancients ranges…

WWII Italian 65mm mountain gun released!

We’re at Day 7 of our 10 days worth of releases and it’s just a small one today, with the WWII Italians getting a 65mm mountain gun.  We’re going to do some work on the Italian artillery options later this year as well, so keep an eye out for those.

ITA29   Mle 1906 65mm mountain gun with crew (2)   £2.95

Tomorrow will be a useful little release for the Marlburians…

New Medieval codes!

We’re into Day 6 of our ’10 Days of 10mm’ and today we’re heading back to the Medieval period to add some knights in bascinet helmets (pig-faced/dog-faced) along with a handy monk and nun figure as well.  Thanks to fsn for commissioning these!

European Late Medieval
ELM43   Dismounted knights in bascinet, sword/hammer   £5.50
ELM44   Dismounted knights in bascinet, spear/halberd   £5.50
ELM45   Mounted knights in bascinet, sword (5)   £1.85
ELM46   Monks (10)   £1.85
ELM47   Nuns (10)   £1.85

And the pics:

Tomorrow we’ve got a little addition to the WWII Italians…

New ACW Flags!

Day 5 of 10mm releases sees us move away from figures and into some flags instead, with a full selection of brand new ACW flags now available!  We’ve been wanting to replace these for a while now and we took the opportunity to expand the designs at the same time.

Huge thanks must go to Rob Berends and Tony Hughes for all of the research and design work that went into these.

And as a special bonus for anyone that has ordered any of the existing flagsheets over the past 3 months, we’ll replace your old flags with these new ones, free of charge!  All we ask is that you pay the postage cost on the replacements (£1 UK / £4.50 elsewhere).  Drop us an email and we’ll get that sorted out for you.

PNFL601    US National flags (generic)    £2.50
PNFL602    US States, sheet 1 (NY/PA/IL)    £2.50
PNFL603    US States, sheet 2 (IN/NJ/MA)    £2.50
PNFL604    US States, sheet 3 (OH/CT/MI/WI)    £2.50
PNFL605    CS National flags    £2.50
PNFL606    CS Battleflags (generic)    £2.50
PNFL607    CS Battleflags, sheet 1 (ANV)    £2.50
PNFL608    CS Battleflags, sheet 2 (Other armies)    £2.50
PNFL609    CS States    £2.50

And some pics:

We’re jumping back over 500 years tomorrow for some new figures…!

WWII Casualties released!

It’s Day 4 of our releases and we’re heading to WWII for some handy casualty markers!  We’d already got a selection dotted about the various ranges so these will fill in the gaps and make sure that almost every nation/theatre has got a marker now.

AMF33    Airborne casualty markers (10)    £1.85

BRF60    Infantry casualty markers (10)    £1.85
BRF61    8th Army casualty markers (10)    £1.85
BRF62    Airborne casualty markers (10)    £1.85

GRF83    Infantry casualty markers (10)    £1.85
GRF84    DAK casualty markers (10)    £1.85
GRF85    Para casualty markers (10)    £1.85

ITA28    Infantry casualty markers (10)    £1.85

SVF31    Summer casualty markers (10)    £1.85

And some pics:

American: Airborne casualty marker

British: Infantry casualty markers

British: 8th Army casualty markers

British: Airborne casualty markers

German: Infantry casualty markers

German: DAK casualty markers

German: Para casualty markers

Italian: Infantry casualty marker

Soviet: Summer casualty marker

Tomorrow will be something for the ACW fans…

League of Augsburg Hussars released!

Day 3 of 10 and this time we’ve got a little release for the League of Augsburg with these very nice Hussars!  Suitable for the later 17th/early 18th Century, these have been made quite generic so will suit most armies.

League of Augsburg
LOA43   Hussars   £5.50

Tomorrow we head forward a couple of hundred years…

New Fantasy Monsters!

Day 2 of our releases sees some gribbly Fantasy additions, with some Giant Snakes and Tentacled Behemoths now available.  Some will recognise these from our old ranges but Techno has added some conversions to give us more variety in each pack.  The Snakes stand around 20mm high and the Behemoths are a similar 20mm long.

FAN-MON34   Giant snakes (x6)   £3.00
FAN-MON35   Tentacled Behemoths (x6)   £3.50

Day 3 takes us back to our historical ranges…

Day 1 of 10: New AWI British released!

It’s the start of our ’10 Days of 10mm’ and the first release of 2022 is these new codes for our AWI British range.  We’ve got skirmishing infantry in round hats, roundabout command and Ranger command as well, all courtesy of the talented Clibinarium.  These were commissioned by one of our customers so thanks to them as well!

AWB47   Cutdown coat and round hats, skirmishing   £5.50
AWB48   Roundabouts command, marching (16)   £2.95
AWB49   Queens Ranger command (16)   £2.95

Tomorrow we jump to a different genre entirely!

Plans for 2022!

2021 was a bit of a mixed bag for our plans with some big things ticked off and others lagging by the wayside.  But with our new premises almost complete, the show calendar almost back to normal and a pile of releases sitting here at Pendraken HQ, 2022 looks a lot brighter!

I’ll run through our new ranges/releases plans in a roughly chronological list:

Peninsular Napoleonics
This is one of two main priorities for this year and with the Portuguese pledges all sent out last week we’ve started well.  The Spanish are being sculpted at the moment and we should have the first batch of those with us before the end of the month.  We’ll pop some pics up for everyone to look at and then they’ll be going straight into the moulding queue.

The Spanish was a big batch of sculpts so it should be 2-3 months work for Tony and then that’s everything completed finally.  We’ll get them moulded asap and I’d hope to have the final batch of packages sent out in March/April.

And then we can get the ranges on general sale as well!

Cold War Commander II
Priority number 2 is the new edition of Cold War Commander, which is also making some good progress finally.  The edits have all been done to the document so I’ll be sending it out to all of the proofreaders/playtesters later this week.  We’ll be looking at a 2-month feedback period and then aiming to go to print at the end of March.

Sadly with Salute cancelled this year our big launch plans have been scuppered somewhat so I’ll need to have a think about what else we can do.

New Releases
There’s been a whole load of odds and ends stacking up over the past 6-9 months so I’m planning to do 10 days of 10mm releases, starting on Saturday 15th January.  There’s all sorts in there so keep an eye out for those…

In between work on the Peninsular project we’ll be starting to mould all of the Arab-Israeli figures, with a rough release target of April I think.  You can see pics of all the sculpts here:,21386.0.html

Sci-Fi Expansion!
This one was missed last year but it’ll definitely be arriving this year!  The vehicles are being designed digitally and we’ll be starting to mould those around April/May I think, and then we’ll just need to get some infantry sculpted to go with them.  Potential release is probably summer time, so June/July I’d expect.

More Fantasy
Another one that was missed from last year was our new Fantasy ranges, with Ratmen, Amazons and Fomorians on the cards.  We started work on these in 2020 but they’ve been back-burner’ed a few times unfortunately.  We’ll get back on track with them soon and aim for a release towards the end of the year probably.

TB Line
The TB Line Mongols are a small range but a big job, so these will probably get squeezed in once the shop is open and I can do the clean-up work while I’m sat behind the counter.

The Ancients ranges will be a longer-term fix as we’ll need to get those down to Techno to do some tweaks to them and make moulding a lot easier.

Korean War Supplement
We’ve shelved this temporarily but we’ll revisit once CWC-2 has been released.

New Army Builder Software
The new Army Builder was severely impacted by Covid but we’re back on with our weekly meetings now and aiming for April as our launch point.  Again we’d hoped to do something for Salute but with that gone we’ll need to do something else.

Dungeon World
The unfortunate Dungeon revamp has been bumped for a few years running now but I’m determined to sort it out this year.  We’ve had some new Dungeon pieces designed digitally so we’ll get those into production around April/May time and then we’ll make some new moulds for all of the monsters and furniture.  The rules just need some fine-tuning and they’ll be good to go.

Red Vectors
There’s still about 70 new MDF products waiting to be put into production so we’ll be talking to our design guys to get those all checked over and ready for release.  There’s a huge amount of stuff in there, from 10mm to 28mm and Medieval to Sci-Fi, so we’ll just get it all done asap.

Moving on to other areas:

Pendraken Shop!
Work is ongoing in the shop and we’re getting close now.  The counter needs a top and the stock is being produced by the guys at the moment.  Then we just need some branding/header boards adding in and we’re good to go!  We’d like to do some kind of an opening day but with Covid it might not be possible to do much sadly.

Painting Competition 2022!
The Painting Competition will be back again in February so get your brushes out and get those entries ready!  As usual the competition will run throughout February and we’ll have some Pendraken prizes on offer for you.

Website Photos
We’ve currently got 396 products awaiting photos but there’s 98 new photos coming later this week, so that’s 25% of them done in one sweep!  We’re mainly missing WWI ranges now so that’s where the focus will be and we’ve got several of the ranges away with painters.

We’ll also be continuing to send various ranges off to our painters to add painted pics to the website as well.

Pendraken 30th Birthday!
And finally, this year is our 30th birthday!  For our 20th we had a big party in a local hotel but with the pandemic ongoing I’m not sure what we’ll be able/allowed to do, so we’ll have a look at the options in a couple of months time.  We can certainly run an big open day here at Pendraken HQ with some games and then maybe have something elsewhere in the country as well.  We’ll have a think…

So, I think that’s about it but I’m sure I’ll have missed something in there somewhere!  Give me a shout if there’s any queries and we’ll get busy!

Price Increase coming on February 1st

There will be a price increase coming on February 1st, affecting most of our 10mm metal historical ranges, plus a smaller increase on paints, bases and flags.  As you all know we don’t like doing this at the best of times, but sadly it’s unavoidable at the moment.  I’m sure some of you have seen other companies having to do similar recently and unfortunately we’re no different.

Since the start of the pandemic, material costs have risen sharply with metal now 78% more expensive and MDF 48% higher.  This has been largely down to limited production levels across the globe along with increased demand, forcing prices up everywhere.  We’ve also got an increase to the UK minimum wage coming on April 1st, along with National Insurance, adding another 9% to the annual wage bill.

Combined, these increases are hitting us for around £35,000 extra per year and as a result we’ve actually been running at a loss for the past few months.  We’re hoping that the metal and MDF prices will peak soon and start to reduce slightly, but with no firm indication of when that will be, we’ve had to make the decision to adjust our pricing.

Prices on standard infantry, cavalry and artillery packs will go from £5.50 to £6.00, taking us to a round 20p per infantry figure and 40p per cavalry.  There will be no change to our vehicle pricing or the WWII+ artillery packs.  Pricing on custom orders will remain at current rates as well.

Vallejo paint prices have gone up similarly so we’ll need to take these from £2.35 to £2.50 per pot,  and MDF bases will go from £1.25 per pack to £1.30.  Our flagsheet prices haven’t changed in about 10 years so those will go from £2.50 to £2.95 per sheet.

To summarise:

Regular 30 foot / 15 cav / 3 gun + crew packs = £5.50 –> £6.00
10-man infantry packs = ££1.85 –> £2.00
Army packs = £34.00 –> £36.00
Vallejo paints = £2.35 –> £2.50
MDF bases = £1.25 –> £1.30
Flagsheets = £2.50 –> £2.95

From a quick look around these changes will keep us competitive among the other 10mm manufacturers so I hope that folks still feel that they’re getting value for money.  We’ve got a lot of plans for this year and beyond, with more new Pendraken ranges and more requests ticked off.

There’s about 3 weeks until the increase, so make sure to get your orders in before Feb 1st to take advantage of the current prices.

As always, let me know if there’s any queries.

Merry Christmas everyone!

With Pendraken HQ now closed until January 4th I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

It’s been another difficult year for all of us and your continued support and orders have kept us going through some tough times.  Your patience while we got moved to the new premises, as well as with delays on orders and stock, has been greatly appreciated by the whole team.

We’ve got a lot of things planned already for 2022 so we’ll be hitting the ground running on several projects.  There’s a load of new releases coming in the first two weeks of January, a big update for the Peninsular project, previews of new ranges and more, so keep an eye out for info on all of that next week.

In the meantime, I hope you get to enjoy some time with your families, eat and drink too much, fall asleep in front of the TV and maybe paint a few figures.

Let’s all look forward to a better 2022!

Escenografia Epsilon ceasing production!

Last week we received an email from Oscar at Escenografia Epsilon to say that sadly he was ceasing production.  From Oscar’s Instagram page:

“After almost 20 years creating and selling pieces of scenery, today we stop machines. Every adventure has a beginning and an end and it ends here.

I am very proud to have sent my little pieces of art to the five continents and to have enjoyed each new creation and each painted piece. But I’m not having fun anymore. I have the need to run in another direction.

It only remains to thank all of you who have bought a piece of epsilon and especially the guys from Pendraken who have always trusted me and taken care of my pieces better than me.

If you want to buy a piece, they will have it for a while.

See ya!!!”

We’ve still got some stock of the buildings available but there’s only a limited quantity of many of them so once they’re gone that’s it.  I’ve updated all of the website inventory to show what’s left so head over and grab some while you can!

We’d also like to thank Oscar for being so professional and easy to work with throughout our dealings.  His buildings have always been very popular among our customers and it’ll be a shame to see them go.  We wish him all the best for the future!

Christmas Order Deadlines!

Christmas is just around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about what you’d like to have under the tree on Christmas morning!  Please make sure to get your order in to us as soon as possible as we’re still seeing delays in the post due to Covid and more, so we don’t want to risk your packages getting stuck somewhere and being delayed.

Pendraken Christmas Order Deadlines!

Posting Deadline
UK 2nd class
Fri 10th Dec
Mon 6th Dec
USA & Canada
Mon 6th Dec
Rest of the World
Mon 29th Nov

We will ensure that all orders are posted out before the deadlines above, but please remember that once we’ve posted the packages they’re out of our hands and we’re all relying on the postal services getting them to you.

Forum Upgrade

We’re doing some work on our Forum this week to transfer the domain to new hosting as well as upgrading the software, so it will be up/down at various points.  No need to panic though, we’ll be back up and running before the withdrawal symptoms kick in!

More Raiden 1:285th aircraft in stock!

We’ve got a few new Raiden planes in stock for you this week, with both the Polish PZL P.11 and P.24 now available, plus the much more recent Su-25 ‘Frogfoot’ for your modern Soviet forces.

Raiden Aircraft
WWII Polish
POL001   PZL P.11   £3.50
POL002   PZL P.24   £3.50

Post-War Soviet
RUS109   Sukhoi Su-25   £4.50

And some pics:

New Napoleonic Flags released!

We’ve had these for some time but completely forgot to get them released with everything else going on!  But the good news is that they’ve been added to the site and they’re all available for purchase now!

First up we’ve got two new sheets for the 1812 French, filling in the gap between our 1804 and 1815 sheets.  And then we’ve added some useful Bavarian designs with two sets available, one to cover the earlier Ducal period (1798-1806) and then a sheet for the Royal period (1806-1815).  This rounds out almost all of our Napoleonic ranges now, the only additions to come will be the Peninsular flags to go with our upcoming figure ranges.

PNFL523   1812 French, type 1   £2.50
PNFL524   1812 French, type 2   £2.50
PNFL525   Bavarian Ducal (1798-1806)   £2.50
PNFL526   Bavarian Royal (1806-1815)   £2.50

10mm Afghan/African buildings released!

Ashley’s been continuing to rescale some of our MDF buildings for 10mm and this week he’s finished off the Afghan/North African group, so these are now available!

Red Vectors
10mm Afghan/African
RED-10A-01    10mm Afghan/African buildings (x4)   £10.00
RED-10A-02    10mm Afghan/African buildings (x2)   £8.00
RED-10A-03    10mm Afghan/African market stalls (x8)   £2.00

Next up will be some Fantasy ruins and we might adjust them slightly to make them suit WWII as well.

New I-94 Decals available!

We’ve had a couple of new decal packs arrive from I-94, one for a variety of British 8th Army, Guards and NZ unit insignias, plus a rather handy sheet of Soviet/Russian flags for multiple scales.

I-94 Decals

BR-128 – 8th Army, Guards, 50th/51st Inf Div and 2nd NZ Unit Insignia [1/76-1/100]

RU-112 – Soviet and Russian flags [1/144-1/285]