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Arab-Israeli ranges released!

Arab Israeli ranges released!

We’re really ticking off these big projects at the moment and next to be completed is our eagerly-awaited Arab-Israeli ranges!  We’ve got Egyptians, Israelis and Syrians online, covering a wide selection of infantry, support and artillery too.

These ranges have been designed for the 1973 Yom Kippur War but many of the codes will work for the 1967 and even 1956 conflicts too.

We’ve got a lot of armour for these conflicts hiding in our other ranges (mainly the Modern Vehicles and Vietnam ranges) but we’ll be adding all of the relevant vehicles into the new Arab-Israeli range pages over the coming days, so you’ll have everything you need in one place.

And for the Cold War Commander 2 players, we’ve added the Arab-Israeli army lists for you to download from the Army Lists page here:,21713.0.html

EGP1   Advancing with AK47   £2.00
EGP2   Advancing with Port Said SMG   £2.00
EGP3   Advancing with RPD machine gun   £2.00
EGP4   Standing, firing AK47   £2.00
EGP5   Standing, firing Port Said SMG   £2.00
EGP6   Kneeling, firing AK47   £2.00
EGP7   Kneeling, firing Port Said SMG   £2.00
EGP8   Prone RPD machine gunner   £2.00
EGP9   82mm mortar team (3)    £2.00
EGP10   SG-43 Goryunov MMG team (3)    £2.00
EGP11   Sagger team (3)    £2.00
EGP12   Kneeling, firing RPG-7    £2.00
EGP13   Sapper/Engineers   £2.00
EGP14   Radio operator   £2.00
EGP15   Officers   £2.00
EGP16   Casualty markers   £2.00
EGP17   Artillery crews    £2.00
EGP18   37mm AA gun with crew (1)    £2.95
EGP19   40mm Bofors AA gun with crew (1)    £2.95
EGP20   6pdr AT gun with crew (1)    £2.95
EGP21   57mm AT gun with crew (1)    £2.95
EGP22   25pdr gun with crew (1)    £2.95
EGP23   122mm Howitzer (M-30) with crew (1)    £2.95
EGP24   122mm Howitzer (D-30) with crew (1)    £2.95
EGP25   152mm Howitzer (D-20) with crew (1)    £2.95
Army Pack: 2 x EGP1, 2, 4, 5.  1 x EGP6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15   £27.00

IDF1   Advancing with FN FAL rifle   £2.00
IDF2   Advancing with AK47   £2.00
IDF3   Advancing with FN (GPMG) (5 pairs)    £2.00
IDF4   Standing, firing FN FAL rifle   £2.00
IDF5   Standing, firing Uzi from waist   £2.00
IDF6   Kneeling, firing FN FAL rifle   £2.00
IDF7   Prone, firing FN (5 pairs)    £2.00
IDF8   Prone, FN FAL on bipod   £2.00
IDF9   FN GPMG in tripod team (3)    £2.00
IDF10   52mm mortar with slung Uzi   £2.00
IDF11   81mm mortar team with slung Uzi (3)    £2.00
IDF12   .50cal HMG team (3)    £2.00
IDF13   Kneeling, firing RPG-7    £2.00
IDF14   Blincidide bazooka team (3)    £2.00
IDF15   Rifle grenadier   £2.00
IDF16   Radio operator   £2.00
IDF17   Officers   £2.00
IDF18   Casualty markers   £2.00
IDF19   Artillery crews   £2.00
IDF20   M40 recoilless rifles with crew (3)    £2.00
IDF21   40mm Bofors AA gun with crew (1)   £2.95
IDF22   25pdr gun with crew (1)    £2.95
IDF23   122mm Howitzer (M-30) with crew (1)    £2.95
Army Pack: 2 x IDF1, 2, 4, 5.  1 x IDF3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17   £27.00

SRN1   Advancing with AK47    £2.00
SRN2   Advancing RPD   £2.00
SRN3   Standing, firing AK47   £2.00
SRN4   Kneeling, firing AK47   £2.00
SRN5   Prone RPD machine gunner   £2.00
SRN6   82mm mortar team   £2.00
SRN7   120mm mortar team   £2.00
SRN8   SG-43 Goryunov MMG team (3)    £2.00
SRN9   Sagger team (3)    £2.00
SRN10   Kneeling, firing RPG-7    £2.00
SRN11   Sapper/Engineers   £2.00
SRN12   Radio operator   £2.00
SRN13   Officers   £2.00
SRN14   Casualty markers   £2.00
SRN15   Artillery crews   £2.00
SRN16   122mm Howitzer (M-30) with crew (1)    £2.95
SRN17   122mm Howitzer (D-30) with crew (1)    £2.95
SRN18   152mm Howitzer (D-20) with crew (1)    £2.95
Army Pack: 3 x SRN1, 2, 3.  1 x SRN4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13   £27.00

And some pics:

Egyptian, advancing with RPD

Egyptian Sagger teams

Egyptian 37mm AA gun with crew

Egyptian D-30 122mm Howitzer with crew

Israelis, advancing with FN FAL

Israeli, firing Uzi

Israeli officers

Israeli 40mm Recoilless rifles

Syrian, firing AK-47

Syrian 120mm mortar with crew

Syrian Goryunov MMG team

Syrian M-30 122mm Howitzer with crew

Cold War Commander 2 now available!

Cold War Commander 2 was launched this past weekend at the Partizan show and the response has been amazing!

The rules are available for a special launch price of £20 until midnight on Sunday 29th so make sure to get your copy before then.  We’ve also got a PDF version available through Wargame Vault so if you prefer your rules in a digital format then head over and download a set here.

The army lists for CWC-2 will all be free downloads through our Forum, with 18 lists available to get us started.  You can download those here and we’ll be adding more lists over the coming weeks.

There’s also a Quick Reference Sheet available here and we’ll be uploading a series of Optional Rules to the Forum too.

So, head over and grab your copy of CWC-2 from our website and we hope you like them!

Cold War Commander 2 available for pre-order!

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Cold War Commander 2 will be released at Partizan on 22nd May and you can pre-order your copy now!

We’ve reduced it down to £20 for the launch as well, so head over and place your pre-orders here:  All pre-orders will be shipped out on Monday 23rd May and you can also choose to collect your copy at the Partizan show as well, by simply choosing the ‘Collect at Show’ postal option.

If you’d like to order anything else at the same time, no worries at all.  We’ll get the rest of your order ready and everything can ship out one the rules have been launched.

Cold War Commander 2 will cover the period from 1946 through to around 1990 and will contain 3 example army lists to get you started (British, Soviet, USA).  Further lists will then become available as online downloads, as well as a wide variety of Optional Rules and a Quick Reference sheet.

We’ll be updating everyone with more info on the new rules in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

Fantasy Buildings released!

It’s Day 10!  After 9 days of releases spread around 2500 years of history we jump to Fantasy for our final release, with a set of 10mm ruined buildings now available.

These have been rescaled down from our larger 15mm and 28mm sets so that they fit perfectly with our 10-12mm Fantasy ranges.  They should be OK for the Medieval and Renaissance period as well.  Sizes vary from 45x40mm upto 110x80mm.

We’ll be releasing some more 10mm MDF buildings soon, with some more rescaled Fantasy and WWII ruins next on the plan.

RED-10F-01    Fantasy Ruined buildings pack x 6    £16.00

And that’s the end of our ’10 Days of 10mm’!  We hope you’ve found something useful over the past week and a half, and we’ll have some more new stuff coming early in February for you.

Ancients Casualties released!

On our penultimate day of releases we head right back to our earliest periods and continue a bit of a theme, with more casualty markers released for almost all of our Ancients ranges.

GRE12    Greek casualty markers (10)    £1.85
PER23    Persian casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ARR12    Republican Roman casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ACR15    Carthaginian casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ASP10    Spanish casualty markers (10)    £1.85
AIR13    Imperial Roman casualty markers (10)    £1.85
AGA9    Gallic casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ADA8    Dacian casualty markers (10)    £1.85
ASA7    Sarmatian casualty markers (10)    £1.85

And some pics:

Greek casualty markers

Persian casualty markers

Republican Roman casualty markers

Carthaginian casualty markers

Spanish casualty markers

Imperial Roman casualty markers

Gallic casualty markers

Dacian casualty markers

Sarmatian casualty markers

Our final day will be a bit of scenery…

WSS Casualty marker released!

For Day 8 of our releases we’ve got a handy little casualty marker for the WSS range.  This one was commissioned by mollinary, who was very patient while we got it moulded up!  We might do a quick tweak to this for the SYW further down the line.

18th Century
MAL23   Casualty markers (10)   £1.85

Day 9 will see a similar batch of options for the Ancients ranges…

WWII Italian 65mm mountain gun released!

We’re at Day 7 of our 10 days worth of releases and it’s just a small one today, with the WWII Italians getting a 65mm mountain gun.  We’re going to do some work on the Italian artillery options later this year as well, so keep an eye out for those.

ITA29   Mle 1906 65mm mountain gun with crew (2)   £2.95

Tomorrow will be a useful little release for the Marlburians…

New Medieval codes!

We’re into Day 6 of our ’10 Days of 10mm’ and today we’re heading back to the Medieval period to add some knights in bascinet helmets (pig-faced/dog-faced) along with a handy monk and nun figure as well.  Thanks to fsn for commissioning these!

European Late Medieval
ELM43   Dismounted knights in bascinet, sword/hammer   £5.50
ELM44   Dismounted knights in bascinet, spear/halberd   £5.50
ELM45   Mounted knights in bascinet, sword (5)   £1.85
ELM46   Monks (10)   £1.85
ELM47   Nuns (10)   £1.85

And the pics:

Tomorrow we’ve got a little addition to the WWII Italians…

New ACW Flags!

Day 5 of 10mm releases sees us move away from figures and into some flags instead, with a full selection of brand new ACW flags now available!  We’ve been wanting to replace these for a while now and we took the opportunity to expand the designs at the same time.

Huge thanks must go to Rob Berends and Tony Hughes for all of the research and design work that went into these.

And as a special bonus for anyone that has ordered any of the existing flagsheets over the past 3 months, we’ll replace your old flags with these new ones, free of charge!  All we ask is that you pay the postage cost on the replacements (£1 UK / £4.50 elsewhere).  Drop us an email and we’ll get that sorted out for you.

PNFL601    US National flags (generic)    £2.50
PNFL602    US States, sheet 1 (NY/PA/IL)    £2.50
PNFL603    US States, sheet 2 (IN/NJ/MA)    £2.50
PNFL604    US States, sheet 3 (OH/CT/MI/WI)    £2.50
PNFL605    CS National flags    £2.50
PNFL606    CS Battleflags (generic)    £2.50
PNFL607    CS Battleflags, sheet 1 (ANV)    £2.50
PNFL608    CS Battleflags, sheet 2 (Other armies)    £2.50
PNFL609    CS States    £2.50

And some pics:

We’re jumping back over 500 years tomorrow for some new figures…!

WWII Casualties released!

It’s Day 4 of our releases and we’re heading to WWII for some handy casualty markers!  We’d already got a selection dotted about the various ranges so these will fill in the gaps and make sure that almost every nation/theatre has got a marker now.

AMF33    Airborne casualty markers (10)    £1.85

BRF60    Infantry casualty markers (10)    £1.85
BRF61    8th Army casualty markers (10)    £1.85
BRF62    Airborne casualty markers (10)    £1.85

GRF83    Infantry casualty markers (10)    £1.85
GRF84    DAK casualty markers (10)    £1.85
GRF85    Para casualty markers (10)    £1.85

ITA28    Infantry casualty markers (10)    £1.85

SVF31    Summer casualty markers (10)    £1.85

And some pics:

American: Airborne casualty marker

British: Infantry casualty markers

British: 8th Army casualty markers

British: Airborne casualty markers

German: Infantry casualty markers

German: DAK casualty markers

German: Para casualty markers

Italian: Infantry casualty marker

Soviet: Summer casualty marker

Tomorrow will be something for the ACW fans…

League of Augsburg Hussars released!

Day 3 of 10 and this time we’ve got a little release for the League of Augsburg with these very nice Hussars!  Suitable for the later 17th/early 18th Century, these have been made quite generic so will suit most armies.

League of Augsburg
LOA43   Hussars   £5.50

Tomorrow we head forward a couple of hundred years…

New Fantasy Monsters!

Day 2 of our releases sees some gribbly Fantasy additions, with some Giant Snakes and Tentacled Behemoths now available.  Some will recognise these from our old ranges but Techno has added some conversions to give us more variety in each pack.  The Snakes stand around 20mm high and the Behemoths are a similar 20mm long.

FAN-MON34   Giant snakes (x6)   £3.00
FAN-MON35   Tentacled Behemoths (x6)   £3.50

Day 3 takes us back to our historical ranges…

Day 1 of 10: New AWI British released!

It’s the start of our ’10 Days of 10mm’ and the first release of 2022 is these new codes for our AWI British range.  We’ve got skirmishing infantry in round hats, roundabout command and Ranger command as well, all courtesy of the talented Clibinarium.  These were commissioned by one of our customers so thanks to them as well!

AWB47   Cutdown coat and round hats, skirmishing   £5.50
AWB48   Roundabouts command, marching (16)   £2.95
AWB49   Queens Ranger command (16)   £2.95

Tomorrow we jump to a different genre entirely!

More Raiden 1:285th aircraft in stock!

We’ve got a few new Raiden planes in stock for you this week, with both the Polish PZL P.11 and P.24 now available, plus the much more recent Su-25 ‘Frogfoot’ for your modern Soviet forces.

Raiden Aircraft
WWII Polish
POL001   PZL P.11   £3.50
POL002   PZL P.24   £3.50

Post-War Soviet
RUS109   Sukhoi Su-25   £4.50

And some pics:

New Napoleonic Flags released!

We’ve had these for some time but completely forgot to get them released with everything else going on!  But the good news is that they’ve been added to the site and they’re all available for purchase now!

First up we’ve got two new sheets for the 1812 French, filling in the gap between our 1804 and 1815 sheets.  And then we’ve added some useful Bavarian designs with two sets available, one to cover the earlier Ducal period (1798-1806) and then a sheet for the Royal period (1806-1815).  This rounds out almost all of our Napoleonic ranges now, the only additions to come will be the Peninsular flags to go with our upcoming figure ranges.

PNFL523   1812 French, type 1   £2.50
PNFL524   1812 French, type 2   £2.50
PNFL525   Bavarian Ducal (1798-1806)   £2.50
PNFL526   Bavarian Royal (1806-1815)   £2.50

10mm Afghan/African buildings released!

Ashley’s been continuing to rescale some of our MDF buildings for 10mm and this week he’s finished off the Afghan/North African group, so these are now available!

Red Vectors
10mm Afghan/African
RED-10A-01    10mm Afghan/African buildings (x4)   £10.00
RED-10A-02    10mm Afghan/African buildings (x2)   £8.00
RED-10A-03    10mm Afghan/African market stalls (x8)   £2.00

Next up will be some Fantasy ruins and we might adjust them slightly to make them suit WWII as well.

New I-94 Decals available!

We’ve had a couple of new decal packs arrive from I-94, one for a variety of British 8th Army, Guards and NZ unit insignias, plus a rather handy sheet of Soviet/Russian flags for multiple scales.

I-94 Decals

BR-128 – 8th Army, Guards, 50th/51st Inf Div and 2nd NZ Unit Insignia [1/76-1/100]

RU-112 – Soviet and Russian flags [1/144-1/285]

Belgian Gates released!

It’s been a while since we’ve had any new releases but our 2D designer Ashley has been working on getting some more MDF designs online while we wait for the next batch of Peninsular sculpts to arrive.  So this first little release is a pair of Belgian Gates available in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm options.

The Belgian Gate (or Cointet-element) was an anti-tank obstacle originally designed by the French to defend forts, bridges and roads.  Later in the war, the Germans re-used them as a beach obstacles against the Allies in Normandy.

Red Vectors
RED-10W2-01    10mm Belgian Gates (x2)   £2.00
RED-15W2-01    15mm Belgian Gates (x2)   £3.00
RED-20W2-01    20mm Belgian Gates (x2)   £4.00
RED-28W2-01    28mm Belgian Gates (x2)   £5.00

We’ve got a few more MDF releases in the pipeline, from the very small (about 30mm diameter) to the very large (5ft long…!) so keep an eye out for those.

Fantasy Wave 2 released!

After our first batch before Christmas we’re back with another wave of Fantasy releases!

We’ve got all sorts ready for you this time, including troglodytes, unicorns, pegasi, gargoyles, worms, eagles, vultures, tortoises, beasts and even a giant Venus flytrap!  Plus the Dark Elves get some spider riders and the Undead range gets an excellent Dark Coach.  These are all a variety of new sculpts and revamped older figures, courtesy of the talented Phil Lewis.  And many of them will serve quite happily in games from 10mm upto 28mm so there’s a lot of useful stuff here.

FAN-MON21   Troglodytes (22mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON22   Unicorns (16mm high)   £2.50
FAN-MON23   Pegasi (16mm high)   £2.50
FAN-MON24   Gargoyles (19mm high)   £3.00
FAN-MON25   Worms (16-21mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON26   Flocks of Birds (15mm wingspan)   £3.50
FAN-MON27   Eagles (50mm wingspan)   £3.50
FAN-MON28   Vultures (60mm wingspan)   £3.50
FAN-MON29   Flying Snakes/Grubs (13mm-18mm wingspans)   £3.50
FAN-MON30   Giant Tortoises (10mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON31   Giant Venus Flytrap (35mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON32   Savage Beasts (10-12mm high)   £3.00
FAN-MON33   Woolly Beasts (13-35mm high)   £5.50

Dark Elves
FAN-DEL7   Spider Riders   £5.50

FAN-UND11   Dark Coach   £3.50

And pics of them all:

We hope you like them!

Night Orcs available again!

The original Night Orc sculpts have been tidied up a little and then Techno has added a few extras to give us 3 spearmen and 3 archers, combined with a leader for both packs.  These were always a popular little range so it’s nice to have them back online!

Night Orcs
FAN-NRC1   Night Orc Spearmen (25)   £5.50
FAN-NRC2   Night Orc Archers (25)   £5.50