Plans for 2022!

2021 was a bit of a mixed bag for our plans with some big things ticked off and others lagging by the wayside.  But with our new premises almost complete, the show calendar almost back to normal and a pile of releases sitting here at Pendraken HQ, 2022 looks a lot brighter!

I’ll run through our new ranges/releases plans in a roughly chronological list:

Peninsular Napoleonics
This is one of two main priorities for this year and with the Portuguese pledges all sent out last week we’ve started well.  The Spanish are being sculpted at the moment and we should have the first batch of those with us before the end of the month.  We’ll pop some pics up for everyone to look at and then they’ll be going straight into the moulding queue.

The Spanish was a big batch of sculpts so it should be 2-3 months work for Tony and then that’s everything completed finally.  We’ll get them moulded asap and I’d hope to have the final batch of packages sent out in March/April.

And then we can get the ranges on general sale as well!

Cold War Commander II
Priority number 2 is the new edition of Cold War Commander, which is also making some good progress finally.  The edits have all been done to the document so I’ll be sending it out to all of the proofreaders/playtesters later this week.  We’ll be looking at a 2-month feedback period and then aiming to go to print at the end of March.

Sadly with Salute cancelled this year our big launch plans have been scuppered somewhat so I’ll need to have a think about what else we can do.

New Releases
There’s been a whole load of odds and ends stacking up over the past 6-9 months so I’m planning to do 10 days of 10mm releases, starting on Saturday 15th January.  There’s all sorts in there so keep an eye out for those…

In between work on the Peninsular project we’ll be starting to mould all of the Arab-Israeli figures, with a rough release target of April I think.  You can see pics of all the sculpts here:,21386.0.html

Sci-Fi Expansion!
This one was missed last year but it’ll definitely be arriving this year!  The vehicles are being designed digitally and we’ll be starting to mould those around April/May I think, and then we’ll just need to get some infantry sculpted to go with them.  Potential release is probably summer time, so June/July I’d expect.

More Fantasy
Another one that was missed from last year was our new Fantasy ranges, with Ratmen, Amazons and Fomorians on the cards.  We started work on these in 2020 but they’ve been back-burner’ed a few times unfortunately.  We’ll get back on track with them soon and aim for a release towards the end of the year probably.

TB Line
The TB Line Mongols are a small range but a big job, so these will probably get squeezed in once the shop is open and I can do the clean-up work while I’m sat behind the counter.

The Ancients ranges will be a longer-term fix as we’ll need to get those down to Techno to do some tweaks to them and make moulding a lot easier.

Korean War Supplement
We’ve shelved this temporarily but we’ll revisit once CWC-2 has been released.

New Army Builder Software
The new Army Builder was severely impacted by Covid but we’re back on with our weekly meetings now and aiming for April as our launch point.  Again we’d hoped to do something for Salute but with that gone we’ll need to do something else.

Dungeon World
The unfortunate Dungeon revamp has been bumped for a few years running now but I’m determined to sort it out this year.  We’ve had some new Dungeon pieces designed digitally so we’ll get those into production around April/May time and then we’ll make some new moulds for all of the monsters and furniture.  The rules just need some fine-tuning and they’ll be good to go.

Red Vectors
There’s still about 70 new MDF products waiting to be put into production so we’ll be talking to our design guys to get those all checked over and ready for release.  There’s a huge amount of stuff in there, from 10mm to 28mm and Medieval to Sci-Fi, so we’ll just get it all done asap.

Moving on to other areas:

Pendraken Shop!
Work is ongoing in the shop and we’re getting close now.  The counter needs a top and the stock is being produced by the guys at the moment.  Then we just need some branding/header boards adding in and we’re good to go!  We’d like to do some kind of an opening day but with Covid it might not be possible to do much sadly.

Painting Competition 2022!
The Painting Competition will be back again in February so get your brushes out and get those entries ready!  As usual the competition will run throughout February and we’ll have some Pendraken prizes on offer for you.

Website Photos
We’ve currently got 396 products awaiting photos but there’s 98 new photos coming later this week, so that’s 25% of them done in one sweep!  We’re mainly missing WWI ranges now so that’s where the focus will be and we’ve got several of the ranges away with painters.

We’ll also be continuing to send various ranges off to our painters to add painted pics to the website as well.

Pendraken 30th Birthday!
And finally, this year is our 30th birthday!  For our 20th we had a big party in a local hotel but with the pandemic ongoing I’m not sure what we’ll be able/allowed to do, so we’ll have a look at the options in a couple of months time.  We can certainly run an big open day here at Pendraken HQ with some games and then maybe have something elsewhere in the country as well.  We’ll have a think…

So, I think that’s about it but I’m sure I’ll have missed something in there somewhere!  Give me a shout if there’s any queries and we’ll get busy!

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