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Day 1 of 10: New AWI British released!

It’s the start of our ’10 Days of 10mm’ and the first release of 2022 is these new codes for our AWI British range.  We’ve got skirmishing infantry in round hats, roundabout command and Ranger command as well, all courtesy of the talented Clibinarium.  These were commissioned by one of our customers so thanks to them as well!

AWB47   Cutdown coat and round hats, skirmishing   £5.50
AWB48   Roundabouts command, marching (16)   £2.95
AWB49   Queens Ranger command (16)   £2.95

Tomorrow we jump to a different genre entirely!

New AWI sculpts previewed!

Some of you will have already seen these in Clib’s thread (  ) but they’ve now arrived at Pendraken HQ and are sitting patiently ready to be master moulded.  This batch were mainly customer requests/commissions and add some nice extra options to our extensive AWI ranges.

British skirmishers in round hats and short coats:

British command in roundabouts:

British Queens Ranger command:

Rumour has it that there may be some more AWI additions in the pipeline so we’ll wait for those to arrive and then we can mould everything in one go.