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Cold War Commander 2 now available!

Cold War Commander 2 was launched this past weekend at the Partizan show and the response has been amazing!

The rules are available for a special launch price of £20 until midnight on Sunday 29th so make sure to get your copy before then.  We’ve also got a PDF version available through Wargame Vault so if you prefer your rules in a digital format then head over and download a set here.

The army lists for CWC-2 will all be free downloads through our Forum, with 18 lists available to get us started.  You can download those here and we’ll be adding more lists over the coming weeks.

There’s also a Quick Reference Sheet available here and we’ll be uploading a series of Optional Rules to the Forum too.

So, head over and grab your copy of CWC-2 from our website and we hope you like them!

Cold War Commander 2 available for pre-order!

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Cold War Commander 2 will be released at Partizan on 22nd May and you can pre-order your copy now!

We’ve reduced it down to £20 for the launch as well, so head over and place your pre-orders here: https://www.pendraken.co.uk/cold-war-commander-1076-c.asp  All pre-orders will be shipped out on Monday 23rd May and you can also choose to collect your copy at the Partizan show as well, by simply choosing the ‘Collect at Show’ postal option.

If you’d like to order anything else at the same time, no worries at all.  We’ll get the rest of your order ready and everything can ship out one the rules have been launched.

Cold War Commander 2 will cover the period from 1946 through to around 1990 and will contain 3 example army lists to get you started (British, Soviet, USA).  Further lists will then become available as online downloads, as well as a wide variety of Optional Rules and a Quick Reference sheet.

We’ll be updating everyone with more info on the new rules in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that.