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Napoleonic Peninsular ranges released!

Peninsular Naps released!

After a tumultuous couple of Covid years we’re finally able to release our Peninsular Napoleonic ranges!  Including Brits, Portuguese, Spanish, Brunswickers and more, there’s almost 90 new products here covering everything you could possibly need(!)

As well as the Peninsular ranges we’ve also added some ADC/General types for our French and Prussians, along with mediterranean civilians, wagons and more.

There is a full buildings range to go with these as well, which we’ll have released in the next two weeks.

Peninsular Napoleonic
NPB1   Centre Company, march attack   £6.00
NPB2   Centre Company, firing line   £6.00
NPB3   Flank Company, march attack (16)    £3.20
NPB4   Flank Company, firing line (16)    £3.20
NPB5   Line command   £6.00
NPB6   Mounted Officer in bicorne (5)    £2.00
NPB7   Light Infantry, advancing inc. command (16)    £3.20
NPB8   Light Infantry, firing inc. command (16)    £3.20
NPB9   Rifles   £6.00
NPB10   Highlanders, centre company, march attack   £6.00
NPB11   Highlanders foot command   £6.00
NPB12   Dragoons/Dragoon Guards in bicorne   £6.00
NPB13   Light dragoons in Tarleton helmet   £6.00
NPB14   Hussars   £6.00
NPB15   6pdr with line crew (3)   £6.00
NPB16   6pdr with horse crew (3)   £6.00
NPB17   9pdr with line crew (3)   £6.00
NPB18   9pdr with horse crew (3)   £6.00
NPB19   5.5″ Howitzers with line crew (3)   £6.00
NPB20   5.5″ Howitzers with horse crew (3)   £6.00
NPB21   Limber with line team / out-riders (2)    £6.00
NPB22   Limber with horse team / out-riders (2)   £6.00
NPB23   Ammo limber with line team / out-riders (2)    £6.00
NPB24   Ammo limber with horse team / out-riders (2)   £6.00
NPB25   ADC’s/Generals   £1.50
NPB-AP   3 x NPB1.  1 x NPB3, NPB5, NPB12, NPB15.   £36.00
PNFL519   British flags   £2.95

NBK1   Jager in jacket, march attack inc. command   £6.00
NBK2   Jager in jacket, firing line inc. command   £6.00
NBK3   Scharfschutzen, inc. command   £6.00
NBK4   Hussars   £6.00

NPP1   Line infantry in barretina   £6.00
NPP2   Line command in barretina (15)    £3.00
NPP3   Line infantry in stovepipe shako   £6.00
NPP4   Line command in stovepipe shako (15)    £3.00
NPP5   Mounted officer in barretina (5)    £2.00
NPP6   Cacadores in barretina, inc. command   £6.00
NPP7   Cacadores in stovepipe shako, inc. command   £6.00
NPP8   Line Cavalry in crested helmet   £6.00
NPP9   6pdr with barretina crew (3)   £6.00
NPP10   6pdr with stovepipe crew (3)   £6.00
NPP11   9pdr with barretina crew (3)   £6.00
NPP12   9pdr with stovepipe crew (3)   £6.00
NPP13   5.5″ Howitzers with barretina crew (3)   £6.00
NPP14   5.5″ Howitzers with stovepipe crew (3)   £6.00
NPP15   Limber with mule team (2)    £6.00
NPP16   General Beresford   £0.75
NPP-AP   2 x NPP1, 1 x NPP2, NPP3, NPP4, NPP6, NPP8, NPP9   £36.00
PNFL220   Portuguese flags   £2.95

NSP1   Fusiliers in 1805 uniform (c1807)   £6.00
NSP2   Fusilier command in 1805 uniform (c1807)   £6.00
NSP3   Grenadiers in 1805 uniform (c1807) inc. command (16)   £3.20
NSP4   Mounted officer (5)   £2.00
NSP5   Cazadores in 1802 uniform, inc command   £6.00
NSP6   Cazadores in 1805 uniform, inc. command   £6.00
NSP7   Fusiliers in irregular 1805 uniform (c1809-1810)   £6.00
NSP8   Fusilier command in irregular 1805 uniform (c1809-1810)   £6.00
NSP9   Grenadiers in irregular 1805 uniform (c1809-1810) (16)   £3.20
NSP10   Provincial Volunteers/Militia in civilian clothes (c1809)   £6.00
NSP11   Provincial infantry in Chistera hat (c1809-1813)   £6.00
NSP12   Provincial infantry command in Chistera (c1809-1813) (15)   £3.00
NSP13   Line infantry (c1812-1814)   £6.00
NSP14   Line infantry command (1812-1814) (15)   £3.00
NSP15   Guerillas, inc. command   £6.00
NSP16   Line Cavalry   £6.00
NSP17   Dragoons   £6.00
NSP18   Hussars   £6.00
NSP19   Cazadores a Caballo   £6.00
NSP20   Garrochista lancers   £6.00
NSP21   4pdr with line crew (3)   £6.00
NSP22   4pdr with horse crew (3)   £6.00
NSP23   8pdr with line crew (3)   £6.00
NSP24   8pdr with horse crew (3)   £6.00
NSP25   12pdr with line crew (3)   £6.00
NSP26   7″ Howitzer with line crew (3)   £6.00
NSP27   7″ Howitzer with horse crew (3)   £6.00
NSP28   Limber with mule team (2)    £6.00
NSP29   Limber with team / out-riders (2)   £6.00
NSP30   ADC’s/Generals   £1.50
NSP-AP   2 x NSP1, 1 x NSP3, NSP16, NSP17, NSP23. ½ x NSP2   £36.00
PNFL221   Spanish flags 1   £2.95
PNFL222   Spanish flags 2   £2.95

Napoleonic Mischttps://www.pendraken.co.uk/misc-619-c.asp
NPX13   Mediterranean civilians   £6.00
NPX14   Mule train (6 mules + driver)   £3.00
NPX15   Small cart with mules (2 per pack)   £4.00
NPX16   Wagons with oxen (2 per pack)   £6.00

1809 Duchy of Warsawhttps://www.pendraken.co.uk/duchy-of-warsaw-603-c.asp
NDW15   Polish General in czapska   £0.55

1809 Frenchhttps://www.pendraken.co.uk/french-600-c.asp
NPF61   French ADCs/Generals   £1.50

1813-15 Prussianhttps://www.pendraken.co.uk/prussian-618-c.asp
NPR21   Prussian ADCs/Generals   £1.50

And some pics:

British Centre Company, firing line

British Dragoons/Dragoon Guards in bicorne

British ADCs/Generals

Portuguese Cacadores in barretina, inc. command

Portuguese Line cavalry in crested helmet

Spanish fusilier command in 1805 uniform

Spanish Cazadores in 1802 uniform

Spanish provincial infantry in chistera

Spanish Guerillas

Spanish Garrochista lancers

Spanish ADCs/Generals

Mediterranean civilians

French ADCs/Generals

New Napoleonic Flags released!

We’ve had these for some time but completely forgot to get them released with everything else going on!  But the good news is that they’ve been added to the site and they’re all available for purchase now!

First up we’ve got two new sheets for the 1812 French, filling in the gap between our 1804 and 1815 sheets.  And then we’ve added some useful Bavarian designs with two sets available, one to cover the earlier Ducal period (1798-1806) and then a sheet for the Royal period (1806-1815).  This rounds out almost all of our Napoleonic ranges now, the only additions to come will be the Peninsular flags to go with our upcoming figure ranges.

PNFL523   1812 French, type 1   £2.50
PNFL524   1812 French, type 2   £2.50
PNFL525   Bavarian Ducal (1798-1806)   £2.50
PNFL526   Bavarian Royal (1806-1815)   £2.50

French Guard released!

It’s our first release of 2021 and also a long-awaited one as the Guard have arrived!  We’d had these sculpted a few years back but they were lost in the void known as ‘Sculpting Drawer’…  But they’re here now and ready for deployment against those pesky Brits!

Two quick notes on these, obviously the Guard were present through until 1815 but we’ve put them in our 1809 French range for the timebeing, with their earlier descriptions.  When we add an 1815 French range in the future they can be moved over to there.  Also, the Young and Middle Guard wouldn’t have been issued with Eagles and would have bare poles with fanions instead.  As we don’t currently produce those we’ve left the eagles on for the timebeing and folks can simply snip them off if they’re going to make their own flags.

NPF49   Young Guard Tirailleur Chasseurs/Voltigeurs (30)   £5.50
NPF50   Young Guard Tirailleur Grenadiers/Tirailleurs (30)   £5.50
NPF51   Middle Guard Fusilier Chasseurs (30)   £5.50
NPF52   Middle Guard Fusilier Grenadiers (30)   £5.50
NPF53   Young/Middle Guard mounted officers (5)   £1.85
NPF54   Old Guard Chasseurs (30)   £5.50
NPF55   Old Guard Grenadiers (30)   £5.50
NPF56   Old Guard mounted officers (5)   £1.85

And some pics!

NPF49 – Young Guard Tirailleur Chasseurs/Voltigeurs

NPF52 – Middle Guard Fusilier Grenadiers

NPF53 – Young/Middle Guard mounted officers

NPF54 – Old Guard Chasseurs

NPF56 – Old Guard mounted officers