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June Newsletter!

Welcome to the latest Pendraken newsletter!

Welcome to another round-up of the latest news at Pendraken HQ!

This month we’ve got a big release for the Napoleonic gamers along with details of an important birthday…

Peninsular Napoleonics released!

After a tumultuous couple of Covid years we’re finally able to release our Peninsular Napoleonic ranges!  Including British, Portuguese, Spanish, Brunswickers and more, there’s almost 90 new products here covering everything you could possibly need(!)

As well as the Peninsular ranges we’ve also added some ADC/General types for our French and Prussians, along with mediterranean civilians, wagons and more.

There is a full buildings range to go with these, which we’ll have released in the next week or so, probably after the upcoming Phalanx show.

These ranges can all be found on our website here!

2022 is a big birthday for us so we’re having a party!

30 years…!  To celebrate our 30 years in the hobby we’re going to be having a big 30th Birthday Bash on Saturday 16th July, up here at our new premises in Middlesbrough.  We’ll have games, offers, cake and more, running from 10am until around 5pm (or until the games have finished!)

The Birthday Bash will coincide with the opening of our new Games room as well, so we’ll have 6 game tables with a variety of display and participation games.  We’ll also be running tours of the workshop during the day so you’ll be able to see how we take a sculpt through to a metal casting, as well as our laser and 3D machine setups.

For all of the details, head over to the thread here and if you’re a Facebook user you can add your interest to our Event page here.

Cold War Commander 2 available!

The release of Cold War Commander 2 has been incredibly successful with almost 700 copies sold in the opening month.  The rules are available as a physical copy from our website here and also in a digital PDF version from Wargame Vault here.

The Army Lists for the new rules are all free PDF downloads which can be downloaded through our Forum here.  We’ve got 31 lists available currently with another 54 planned in the coming weeks/months, so keep checking back for new updates.

There are also a variety of Optional Rules to add extra friction or make slight adjustments to your games, so keep an eye out for those appearing in the next week.

Arab-Israeli Wars!

Our next release will be extensive Arab-Israeli ranges, covering the Israelis, Egyptians and Syrians, which we’re expecting to have ready for release on Sunday 19th June.  These ranges will include all of the infantry, support and artillery needed, plus a nice selection of vehicles.

We’ll have some new vehicle releases coming shortly afterwards as well, including T-64s, BMP-1s and a selection of Israeli M3 halftrack variants too.

Important Dates

Sat 18th June – Phalanx in St Helens (pre-orders by Fri 10th June)
Sat 16th July – Pendraken 30th Birthday! (more info coming next month!)
Sat 6th August – Claymore in Edinburgh (pre-orders by Fri 29th July)
Sat 10th September – Colours in Newbury (pre-orders by Fri 2nd Sept)
Sat 17th September – Border Reiver in Gateshead (pre-orders by Fri 9th Sept)
TBC – Carronade in Falkirk (awaiting confirmation)

That’s everything for now, we hope to see you at our Birthday Bash!

Plans for 2022!

2021 was a bit of a mixed bag for our plans with some big things ticked off and others lagging by the wayside.  But with our new premises almost complete, the show calendar almost back to normal and a pile of releases sitting here at Pendraken HQ, 2022 looks a lot brighter!

I’ll run through our new ranges/releases plans in a roughly chronological list:

Peninsular Napoleonics
This is one of two main priorities for this year and with the Portuguese pledges all sent out last week we’ve started well.  The Spanish are being sculpted at the moment and we should have the first batch of those with us before the end of the month.  We’ll pop some pics up for everyone to look at and then they’ll be going straight into the moulding queue.

The Spanish was a big batch of sculpts so it should be 2-3 months work for Tony and then that’s everything completed finally.  We’ll get them moulded asap and I’d hope to have the final batch of packages sent out in March/April.

And then we can get the ranges on general sale as well!

Cold War Commander II
Priority number 2 is the new edition of Cold War Commander, which is also making some good progress finally.  The edits have all been done to the document so I’ll be sending it out to all of the proofreaders/playtesters later this week.  We’ll be looking at a 2-month feedback period and then aiming to go to print at the end of March.

Sadly with Salute cancelled this year our big launch plans have been scuppered somewhat so I’ll need to have a think about what else we can do.

New Releases
There’s been a whole load of odds and ends stacking up over the past 6-9 months so I’m planning to do 10 days of 10mm releases, starting on Saturday 15th January.  There’s all sorts in there so keep an eye out for those…

In between work on the Peninsular project we’ll be starting to mould all of the Arab-Israeli figures, with a rough release target of April I think.  You can see pics of all the sculpts here: https://www.pendrakenforum.co.uk/index.php/topic,21386.0.html

Sci-Fi Expansion!
This one was missed last year but it’ll definitely be arriving this year!  The vehicles are being designed digitally and we’ll be starting to mould those around April/May I think, and then we’ll just need to get some infantry sculpted to go with them.  Potential release is probably summer time, so June/July I’d expect.

More Fantasy
Another one that was missed from last year was our new Fantasy ranges, with Ratmen, Amazons and Fomorians on the cards.  We started work on these in 2020 but they’ve been back-burner’ed a few times unfortunately.  We’ll get back on track with them soon and aim for a release towards the end of the year probably.

TB Line
The TB Line Mongols are a small range but a big job, so these will probably get squeezed in once the shop is open and I can do the clean-up work while I’m sat behind the counter.

The Ancients ranges will be a longer-term fix as we’ll need to get those down to Techno to do some tweaks to them and make moulding a lot easier.

Korean War Supplement
We’ve shelved this temporarily but we’ll revisit once CWC-2 has been released.

New Army Builder Software
The new Army Builder was severely impacted by Covid but we’re back on with our weekly meetings now and aiming for April as our launch point.  Again we’d hoped to do something for Salute but with that gone we’ll need to do something else.

Dungeon World
The unfortunate Dungeon revamp has been bumped for a few years running now but I’m determined to sort it out this year.  We’ve had some new Dungeon pieces designed digitally so we’ll get those into production around April/May time and then we’ll make some new moulds for all of the monsters and furniture.  The rules just need some fine-tuning and they’ll be good to go.

Red Vectors
There’s still about 70 new MDF products waiting to be put into production so we’ll be talking to our design guys to get those all checked over and ready for release.  There’s a huge amount of stuff in there, from 10mm to 28mm and Medieval to Sci-Fi, so we’ll just get it all done asap.

Moving on to other areas:

Pendraken Shop!
Work is ongoing in the shop and we’re getting close now.  The counter needs a top and the stock is being produced by the guys at the moment.  Then we just need some branding/header boards adding in and we’re good to go!  We’d like to do some kind of an opening day but with Covid it might not be possible to do much sadly.

Painting Competition 2022!
The Painting Competition will be back again in February so get your brushes out and get those entries ready!  As usual the competition will run throughout February and we’ll have some Pendraken prizes on offer for you.

Website Photos
We’ve currently got 396 products awaiting photos but there’s 98 new photos coming later this week, so that’s 25% of them done in one sweep!  We’re mainly missing WWI ranges now so that’s where the focus will be and we’ve got several of the ranges away with painters.

We’ll also be continuing to send various ranges off to our painters to add painted pics to the website as well.

Pendraken 30th Birthday!
And finally, this year is our 30th birthday!  For our 20th we had a big party in a local hotel but with the pandemic ongoing I’m not sure what we’ll be able/allowed to do, so we’ll have a look at the options in a couple of months time.  We can certainly run an big open day here at Pendraken HQ with some games and then maybe have something elsewhere in the country as well.  We’ll have a think…

So, I think that’s about it but I’m sure I’ll have missed something in there somewhere!  Give me a shout if there’s any queries and we’ll get busy!

Price Increase coming on February 1st

There will be a price increase coming on February 1st, affecting most of our 10mm metal historical ranges, plus a smaller increase on paints, bases and flags.  As you all know we don’t like doing this at the best of times, but sadly it’s unavoidable at the moment.  I’m sure some of you have seen other companies having to do similar recently and unfortunately we’re no different.

Since the start of the pandemic, material costs have risen sharply with metal now 78% more expensive and MDF 48% higher.  This has been largely down to limited production levels across the globe along with increased demand, forcing prices up everywhere.  We’ve also got an increase to the UK minimum wage coming on April 1st, along with National Insurance, adding another 9% to the annual wage bill.

Combined, these increases are hitting us for around £35,000 extra per year and as a result we’ve actually been running at a loss for the past few months.  We’re hoping that the metal and MDF prices will peak soon and start to reduce slightly, but with no firm indication of when that will be, we’ve had to make the decision to adjust our pricing.

Prices on standard infantry, cavalry and artillery packs will go from £5.50 to £6.00, taking us to a round 20p per infantry figure and 40p per cavalry.  There will be no change to our vehicle pricing or the WWII+ artillery packs.  Pricing on custom orders will remain at current rates as well.

Vallejo paint prices have gone up similarly so we’ll need to take these from £2.35 to £2.50 per pot,  and MDF bases will go from £1.25 per pack to £1.30.  Our flagsheet prices haven’t changed in about 10 years so those will go from £2.50 to £2.95 per sheet.

To summarise:

Regular 30 foot / 15 cav / 3 gun + crew packs = £5.50 –> £6.00
10-man infantry packs = ££1.85 –> £2.00
Army packs = £34.00 –> £36.00
Vallejo paints = £2.35 –> £2.50
MDF bases = £1.25 –> £1.30
Flagsheets = £2.50 –> £2.95

From a quick look around these changes will keep us competitive among the other 10mm manufacturers so I hope that folks still feel that they’re getting value for money.  We’ve got a lot of plans for this year and beyond, with more new Pendraken ranges and more requests ticked off.

There’s about 3 weeks until the increase, so make sure to get your orders in before Feb 1st to take advantage of the current prices.

As always, let me know if there’s any queries.

New Website Launched!

Our new website is now live so head over and have a browse: https://www.pendraken.co.uk/

After many weeks of work our new website is now live, and to say ‘Thank you’ for all of your support during the pandemic we’re running a 10% Launch Sale as well!  All of the products previously split between the Pendraken and Minibits websites have been combined into one single site, so there’s almost 6000 products to choose from across multiple scales and genres, from 6mm Sci-Fi to 10mm WWII to 28mm Wild West.  Hopefully there’s something there for everyone!

The new site is a real upgrade on the old one and comes with a lot of extra features:

All-in-One – Everything on one website, so you can buy and purchase in a single checkout.
Loyalty Points – All orders will now receive Loyalty Points which can be exchanged for extra goodies on future orders.
Wish List – All products can be added to a Wishlist instead, which you can come back to later or even send to a friend/family member ready for a birthday or Christmas!
Reduced Shipping – All decals and flags are available at reduced shipping rates to save you some money.
Order Tracking – You can now choose to have your packages sent on a Tracked service, for that extra peace of mind.
Live Stock – We’ve got a full inventory system to keep track of stock levels. Please note that we might see some minor errors in this from items sold during the move to the new site.
Out of Stock Notifications – If a product is out of stock, you can ask to be notified when we get a restock.
Payment Options – As well as the usual PayPal we now have alternative payment methods available.
News Page – A new news page with full search function to explore previous releases.
Newsletter Function – We can start sending out our monthly newsletters once again with all of the latest news and releases.

Please note that the website may take a few hours to appear around the world but it should be online for everyone by early Friday afternoon (GM Time).  Anybody that had an account on our old website has had their account transferred over to the new site and you should have received an email with instructions on how to activate it.

One quick thing to mention regarding shipping rates, the new website doesn’t run on a ‘percentage of order’ so we’ve had to introduce shipping bands instead.  With the rising costs of shipping all over the world these days we’ve tried to keep these as low as we can but they are a touch higher than previously.  It’s actually been difficult to find suitable price points so we’ve underestimated the actual costs for most packages and we’ll take the hit on any difference.  As an example, a small 500g package to the USA would be £8.30 as a Large Letter, but as soon as it doesn’t go through the letter slot, it doubles to £16.60 instead!  We’re constantly looking for different courier options so we’ll reduce our shipping rates whenever we can.  The ‘Maximum shipping’ levels have remained though so there’s no extra shipping to pay once your order passes the £100 mark.

So that’s about it for now, if you spot any glitches in the matrix please let us know and we’ll fix them straightaway, but in the meantime have a browse and we hope you like it!

We’d also like to say a big thank you to Stewart Leonard at Stormrider Studios for running the old website for so many years.  This upgrade was for extra functionality and to streamline some processes behind the scenes, so no issues at all with his service!  Stewart will instead be looking after our Forum going forward and is also helping us get the upcoming BKC Army Builder ready for launch.