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New ECW releases!

We’ve been doing some work on our ECW range recently with a variety of revamps and new releases for you!  First up we’ve got some new Scots codes in the form of infantry and cavalry casualties (commissioned by our own mollinary) and some armoured pikemen.  Next we’ve upgraded the old dismounted dragoons and peasants with newer sculpts and more poses, and then we’ve also taken the opportunity to remould a few of the older codes and split the pikement into either standing or advancing options.  So you can now choose whether to have your pike blocks stationary or on the move!

And finally we’ve added photos of the full range to the website!

English Civil Warhttps://pendraken.co.uk/renaissance/english-civil-war/
EC43   Pikemen casualty in Scots bonnet (10)   £1.85
EC44   Pikemen casualty in morion helmet (10)   £1.85
EC45   Musketeer casualty in Scots bonnet (10)   £1.85
EC46   Mounted casualty in Scots bonnet (5)   £1.85
EC47a   Scots armoured pikemen, standing (15)   £2.75
EC47b   Scots armoured pikemen, advancing (15)   £2.75

EC4   Dismounted dragoons – REVAMPED
EC8   Peasants with improvised weapons – REVAMPED

EC1a   Armoured pikemen, standing
EC1b   Armoured pikemen, advancing
EC2a   Unarmoured pikemen, standing
EC2b   Unarmoured pikemen, advancing
EC16a   Scots unarmoured pikemen, standing
EC16b   Scots unarmoured pikemen, advancing

And some pics of course!

EC4 – Dismounted dragoons

EC8 – Peasants with improvised weapons

EC43 – Pikemen casualty in Scots bonnet

EC46 – Mounted casualty in Scots bonnet

EC47a – Scots armoured pikemen, standing

Hope you like them!

Extra Elizabethan codes released!

It’s our final day of the ’10 Days of Shiny!’

For the last release in this run we’ve got a little expansion of our Elizabethan range.  Some of you might recognise these figures from Dave’s own project last year, so we’ve done a deal and brought them into our range instead.  We’ve got extra poses of arquebusiers, musketeers and pikemen, as well as mounted arquebusiers, command and the oft-requested jinetes!

EL3  Arquebusiers   £5.50

EL17  Halberdier    £5.50
EL18  Pikemen, unarmoured     £5.50
EL19  Musketeers, type 2     £5.50
EL20  Mounted arquebusier     £5.50
EL21  Genitor     £5.50
EL22  Mounted command     £5.50

And some pics:

EL3 – Arquebusiers

EL19 – Musketeers, type 2

EL20 – Mounted arquebusier

EL21 – Jinetes

EL22 – Mounted command

We hope you’ve all enjoyed these recent releases and have found something useful, interesting or at the very least, shiny!  We’ve got a lot of stuff still in the pipeline at Pendraken HQ so we’ll put out a quick summary of where we are with it all this weekend.  In the meantime, enjoy!

Feudal Japanese buildings released!

The days are flying by and we’re already on Day 8 of the ’10 Days of Shiny!’

Today we move over to some new scenery releases with the first batch of Feudal Japanese buildings now available!  These are the Castle Arts range (which we purchased at the start of 2019) so we’re excited to get them back into production.  John at Ironclad has been doing some tweaks and new moulds for us, so these are all new crisp castings and look great.  We’ve added pictures of the bare resin as well as the painted images supplied to us by Castle Arts.  Ignore the chap in the painted images, he’s a Castle Arts figure and not from our new ranges!

The next batch of these should be some of the walls and fences, which we’re hoping to have ready sometime in August.

Feudal Japanhttps://pendraken.co.uk/scenic-items-terrain/feudal-japan/
SCN-FEU1   Samurai Dojo   £4.50
SCN-FEU5   Village House, type 1   £4.00
SCN-FEU6   Samurai House   £4.00
SCN-FEU7   Village House, type 2   £4.00
SCN-FEU8   Dormitory   £4.00
SCN-FEU9   Inn   £4.00

And the pics:

Day 9 will see some handy storage items from Minibits…

Feudal Japanese range released!

We’re at Day 4 of the ’10 Days of Shiny’ and it’s a big one!  We know that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting this release so we’re very excited to have our new Feudal Japanese range now available!

We’ve replaced and expanded our old Samurai range with more codes, more poses, more equipment… more everything really.  We’ve got infantry and cavalry, monks and ninjas, guns and drums, casualties, banners, civilians and more.  Everything you could possbly want for your Japanese armies…

Feudal Japanesehttps://pendraken.co.uk/renaissance/16th-c-feudal-japanese/
FEU1   Foot command (20)   £3.75
FEU2   Ashigaru with naginata   £5.50
FEU3   Ashigaru with longbow   £5.50
FEU4   Ashigaru with yari upright (15)   £2.75
FEU5   Ashigaru with yari angled (15)   £2.75
FEU6   Ashigaru with arquebus    £5.50
FEU7   Samurai with longbow    £5.50
FEU8   Samurai with naginata   £5.50
FEU9   Samurai with katana   £5.50
FEU10   Samurai with yari   £5.50
FEU11   Peasants with longbow   £5.50
FEU12   Peasants with arquebus   £5.50
FEU13   Peasants with improvised weapons   £5.50
FEU14   Sohei monks   £5.50
FEU15   Ikko-Ikki monks   £5.50
FEU16   Ninjas   £5.50
FEU17   Mounted Samurai with longbow   £5.50
FEU18   Mounted Samurai with naginata   £5.50
FEU19   Mounted Samurai with yari   £5.50
FEU20   Emplaced gun with crew (2)   £5.50
FEU21   Foot generals group (4)   £1.00
FEU22   Mounted general and bannerman (2)   £1.00
FEU23   Taiko drum and drummers   £1.00
FEU24   Takeda Shingen   £0.55
FEU25   Uesugi Kenshin   £0.55
FEU26   Tokugawa Ieyasu   £0.55
FEU27   Oda Nobunaga   £0.55
FEU28   Ashigaru casualties (10)   £1.85
FEU29   Samurai casualties (10)   £1.85
FEU30   Civilians   £5.50
FEU31   Sashimono banners, small (10)   £1.85
FEU32   Sashimono banners, large (10)   £3.50
FEU33   Uma Jinushi banners (5)   £1.00
FEU34   Horse hair banners (5)   £1.00
FEU35   Pavise (10)   £1.85
FEU36   Bamboo palisade (10)   £4.00
FEU37   Kuruma Date mobile shield (3)   £4.50
FEU38   Bamboo bundles (10)   £1.85
Feudal Japanese Army Pack – Contains 1 pack each of FEU1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 17, 18, 21, 22     £34.00

And of course some pics:

FEU2 – Ashigaru with naginata

FEU9 – Samurai with katana

FEU16 – Ninjas

FEU20 – Emplaced gun with crew

FEU23 – Taiko drum

Day 5 will see us back over to Minibits for something MDF-y…