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WWII Italian 65mm mountain gun released!

We’re at Day 7 of our 10 days worth of releases and it’s just a small one today, with the WWII Italians getting a 65mm mountain gun.  We’re going to do some work on the Italian artillery options later this year as well, so keep an eye out for those.

ITA29   Mle 1906 65mm mountain gun with crew (2)   £2.95

Tomorrow will be a useful little release for the Marlburians…

WWII Casualties released!

It’s Day 4 of our releases and we’re heading to WWII for some handy casualty markers!  We’d already got a selection dotted about the various ranges so these will fill in the gaps and make sure that almost every nation/theatre has got a marker now.

AMF33    Airborne casualty markers (10)    £1.85

BRF60    Infantry casualty markers (10)    £1.85
BRF61    8th Army casualty markers (10)    £1.85
BRF62    Airborne casualty markers (10)    £1.85

GRF83    Infantry casualty markers (10)    £1.85
GRF84    DAK casualty markers (10)    £1.85
GRF85    Para casualty markers (10)    £1.85

ITA28    Infantry casualty markers (10)    £1.85

SVF31    Summer casualty markers (10)    £1.85

And some pics:

American: Airborne casualty marker

British: Infantry casualty markers

British: 8th Army casualty markers

British: Airborne casualty markers

German: Infantry casualty markers

German: DAK casualty markers

German: Para casualty markers

Italian: Infantry casualty marker

Soviet: Summer casualty marker

Tomorrow will be something for the ACW fans…

More Raiden 1:285th aircraft in stock!

We’ve got a few new Raiden planes in stock for you this week, with both the Polish PZL P.11 and P.24 now available, plus the much more recent Su-25 ‘Frogfoot’ for your modern Soviet forces.

Raiden Aircrafthttps://www.pendraken.co.uk/6mm-raiden-aircraft-930-c.asp
WWII Polish
POL001   PZL P.11   £3.50
POL002   PZL P.24   £3.50

Post-War Soviet
RUS109   Sukhoi Su-25   £4.50

And some pics:

10mm Afghan/African buildings released!

Ashley’s been continuing to rescale some of our MDF buildings for 10mm and this week he’s finished off the Afghan/North African group, so these are now available!

Red Vectors
10mm Afghan/Africanhttps://www.pendraken.co.uk/afghanafrican-1073-c.asp
RED-10A-01    10mm Afghan/African buildings (x4)   £10.00
RED-10A-02    10mm Afghan/African buildings (x2)   £8.00
RED-10A-03    10mm Afghan/African market stalls (x8)   £2.00

Next up will be some Fantasy ruins and we might adjust them slightly to make them suit WWII as well.

New I-94 Decals available!

We’ve had a couple of new decal packs arrive from I-94, one for a variety of British 8th Army, Guards and NZ unit insignias, plus a rather handy sheet of Soviet/Russian flags for multiple scales.

I-94 Decalshttps://www.pendraken.co.uk/i-94-850-c.asp

BR-128 – 8th Army, Guards, 50th/51st Inf Div and 2nd NZ Unit Insignia [1/76-1/100]

RU-112 – Soviet and Russian flags [1/144-1/285]

Belgian Gates released!

It’s been a while since we’ve had any new releases but our 2D designer Ashley has been working on getting some more MDF designs online while we wait for the next batch of Peninsular sculpts to arrive.  So this first little release is a pair of Belgian Gates available in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm options.

The Belgian Gate (or Cointet-element) was an anti-tank obstacle originally designed by the French to defend forts, bridges and roads.  Later in the war, the Germans re-used them as a beach obstacles against the Allies in Normandy.

Red Vectorshttps://www.pendraken.co.uk/red-vectors-mdf-948-c.asp
RED-10W2-01    10mm Belgian Gates (x2)   £2.00
RED-15W2-01    15mm Belgian Gates (x2)   £3.00
RED-20W2-01    20mm Belgian Gates (x2)   £4.00
RED-28W2-01    28mm Belgian Gates (x2)   £5.00

We’ve got a few more MDF releases in the pipeline, from the very small (about 30mm diameter) to the very large (5ft long…!) so keep an eye out for those.

Revamped Opel Blitz trucks!

We’re into Day 6 of the ’10 Days of Shiny!’

We’re back to Pendraken and some 10mm goodies today with some revamped and expanded Opel Blitz trucks!  We’ve replaced our original truck, AA and Maultier models as well as adding radio trucks, ambulance and a command version of the Maultier for good measure.  The revamp process is a long-term commitment to upgrading our models and keeping them up to modern standards, so it’s good to get these ticked off.  Next on the revamp schedule will be the Pz IIIs which should be ready towards the end of the year.

For anyone wanting any of the old models to finish off existing projects, we’ll still be able to supply them for a short period of time.

German Vehicleshttps://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/german/vehicles/
GRV96   Opel Blitz truck, low sides   £3.20
GRV97   Opel Blitz truck, office body   £3.20
GRV98   Opel Blitz, 20mm Quad AA   £3.20
GRV99   Opel Blitz truck, high sides   £3.20
GRV100   Opel Maultier   £3.20

GRV122   Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/18   £3.20
GRV123   Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/22   £3.20
GRV124   Opel Blitz ambulance   £3.20
GRV125   Opel Maultier, office body   £3.20

And some pics:

GRV99 – Opel Blitz truck, high sides

GRV100 – Opel Maultier

GRV122 – Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/18

GRV124 – Opel Blitz ambulance

Day 7 will be a rather large Minibits release, so watch out 6mm WWII gamers…

WWII Drivers & Passengers

It’s Day 2 of our ’10 Days of Shiny!’

Today we switch to 10mm and WWII in particular, with a set of drivers and passengers released for our American, British, French, German and Soviet ranges!  These are all seated figures which will fit into any of our jeeps, halftracks and trucks, or placed on a bench/ammo box to add something to a command base or diorama.  The drivers have their arms in their laps so they can be put in either the driver or passenger seats of transports.  The passengers come with helmets and rifles and the pairs could also be cut in half if you wanted individuals instead.

These new codes can be found in the Misc section of their respective nations (except for the French which are a single set of codes currently).


American Mischttps://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/american/misc/
AMX2   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
AMX3   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

British Mischttps://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/british/misc/
BRX11   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
BRX12   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

FRE62   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
FRE63   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

German Mischttps://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/german/
GRX25   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
GRX26   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

Soviet Mischttps://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/soviet/misc/
SVX5   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
SVX6   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

And some pics:

AMX2 – American drivers

BRX11 – British drivers

FRE63 – French passengers

GRX26 – German passengers

For Day 3 we’ll be switching back to Minibits for some scenery items…