1866 Saxon

Saxony provided the fourth largest contingent to the Armed Forces of the German Confederation, after Austria, Prussia and Bavaria. The Saxon troops, together with the quotas from Hesse-Kassel and Nassau, formed the mixed IX. Army Corps. When the Austro-Prussian War in 1866 began, Saxony supported Austria and mobilized its 32,000-strong army around Dresden under the command of Crown Prince Albert. After the declaration of war the Prussian Army crossed the border on 16 July 1866 near Strehla and Löbau. Saxony unsuccessfully called for support from their allies but the Saxon army was forced to pull back into Bohemia. The Saxon army took part in several battles including the Battle of Gitschin and had a prominent role in the Battle of Königgrätz (3 July 1866) where they held the extreme left of the Austrian position. The Saxons maintained their post with great tenacity, but were involved in the disastrous defeat of their allies.

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