Early 16th C. English/Scots

During the early 16th Century, England and Scotland were military backwaters compared to many renaissance states, both embroiled in yet another series of wars, which led to a Scottish alliance with France. While Henry was diverted fighting around Flanders, James IV launched what would ultimately be the disasterous Flodden campaign. Out-manoeuvred by the English northern army and forced to fight on ill-suited terrain, this resulted in the death of James VI and the annihilation of the Scottish nobility and army in 1513.  Meanwhile, Henry VIII himself was leading a series of expensive, and ultimately pointless, campaigns in Northern France, investing huge amounts of money in continental mercenaries and prestige weapons such as artillery, all of which largely failed to bring the French to action.  Eventually, Henry's allies formed their own peace with France and Henry returned to England to deal with domestic issues, what continental gains he had made were shortly lost.
Our ranges allow you field everything you need for these conflicts, including English billmen, both heavily armoured and local levys, as well as longbowmen, knights and foreign mercenaries such as pikes and hired gendarmes; the Scots have heavily armoured pikes, artillery, and some interesting highlanders and archers. Also within the range are character figures for each force at Flodden Field.

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