Here's a list of companies, services and websites that we can thoroughly recommend!

 Dark Horse Hobbies -

For any of our US customers who want to order from an American company! 


Pendraken Forum -

The Pendraken Forum is a friendly and helpful place with over 2000+ members.  We post regular updates here, including previews of new sculpts, information on our latest releases, lists of potential ranges in the future, etc.  Head over and join in the discussions!


Ironclad Miniatures -

Ironclad Miniatures produces some fantastic ranges in a variety of scales and is definitely worth a look.  John takes care of all our resin products as well.


The Miniatures Page -

The Miniatures Page is one of the most popular news/magazine websites around, with a wealth of knowledge on tap.


The Wargames Website -

A more recent addition to the wargames community, the Wargames Website brings news and discussion in a friendly and welcoming environment.