What soon became the Ejército Nacional, or National Army, comprised three principal elements.  The Ejército de África or Army of Africa, which included the Legión Española, the Fuerzas Regulares Indigenas and the Mehal-al Jalifiana, the last two being native Moroccan troops recruited locally, the militias of the Falange Española and Carlist Requetes and, finally approximately half the Metropolitan army.  At the time of the coup the Metropolitan army was badly trained, under resourced and almost half of it on lerave.  It was of questionable military value such that the core of the National Army was responsible to the Ministry of Defence but not part of the National Army per se.  Nationalist forces also included the Corpo Truppe Volontaire (CTV), and Italian expeditionary force comprising units of the Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale (MSVN), known colloquially as Camice Neri or Blackshirts, and elements of the Regio Esercito, the Italian Royal Army.