Following the outbreak of WWII, the Kingdom of Romania officially adopted a position of neutrality. However, as Romania's two main guarantors of territorial integrity (France and Britain) crumbled in the Fall of France, the government turned to Germany in hopes of a similar guarantee, unaware that they had already consented to Soviet territorial claims in secret. After a series of disputes were resolved unfavourably to Romania resulting in a loss of territory, fascist and military factions staged a coup that turned the country into a fascist dictatorship. The new regime joined the Axis powers in 1940, joining the invasion of the Soviet Union and committing more troops to the Eastern Front than all the other allies of Germany combined. After the tide of war turned, Romania was bombed by the Allies in '43 and invaded by Soviet armies in '44. This led to a second coup d'état, deposing the Antonescu regime and putting Romania on the side of the Allies for the remainder of the war. Packs contain 10 foot, or 1 vehicle, or 1 gun with crew, unless stated otherwise.
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