New Website Launched!

Our new website is now live so head over and have a browse:

After many weeks of work our new website is now live, and to say ‘Thank you’ for all of your support during the pandemic we’re running a 10% Launch Sale as well!  All of the products previously split between the Pendraken and Minibits websites have been combined into one single site, so there’s almost 6000 products to choose from across multiple scales and genres, from 6mm Sci-Fi to 10mm WWII to 28mm Wild West.  Hopefully there’s something there for everyone!

The new site is a real upgrade on the old one and comes with a lot of extra features:

All-in-One – Everything on one website, so you can buy and purchase in a single checkout.
Loyalty Points – All orders will now receive Loyalty Points which can be exchanged for extra goodies on future orders.
Wish List – All products can be added to a Wishlist instead, which you can come back to later or even send to a friend/family member ready for a birthday or Christmas!
Reduced Shipping – All decals and flags are available at reduced shipping rates to save you some money.
Order Tracking – You can now choose to have your packages sent on a Tracked service, for that extra peace of mind.
Live Stock – We’ve got a full inventory system to keep track of stock levels. Please note that we might see some minor errors in this from items sold during the move to the new site.
Out of Stock Notifications – If a product is out of stock, you can ask to be notified when we get a restock.
Payment Options – As well as the usual PayPal we now have alternative payment methods available.
News Page – A new news page with full search function to explore previous releases.
Newsletter Function – We can start sending out our monthly newsletters once again with all of the latest news and releases.

Please note that the website may take a few hours to appear around the world but it should be online for everyone by early Friday afternoon (GM Time).  Anybody that had an account on our old website has had their account transferred over to the new site and you should have received an email with instructions on how to activate it.

One quick thing to mention regarding shipping rates, the new website doesn’t run on a ‘percentage of order’ so we’ve had to introduce shipping bands instead.  With the rising costs of shipping all over the world these days we’ve tried to keep these as low as we can but they are a touch higher than previously.  It’s actually been difficult to find suitable price points so we’ve underestimated the actual costs for most packages and we’ll take the hit on any difference.  As an example, a small 500g package to the USA would be £8.30 as a Large Letter, but as soon as it doesn’t go through the letter slot, it doubles to £16.60 instead!  We’re constantly looking for different courier options so we’ll reduce our shipping rates whenever we can.  The ‘Maximum shipping’ levels have remained though so there’s no extra shipping to pay once your order passes the £100 mark.

So that’s about it for now, if you spot any glitches in the matrix please let us know and we’ll fix them straightaway, but in the meantime have a browse and we hope you like it!

We’d also like to say a big thank you to Stewart Leonard at Stormrider Studios for running the old website for so many years.  This upgrade was for extra functionality and to streamline some processes behind the scenes, so no issues at all with his service!  Stewart will instead be looking after our Forum going forward and is also helping us get the upcoming BKC Army Builder ready for launch.

Fantasy Wave 2 released!

After our first batch before Christmas we’re back with another wave of Fantasy releases!

We’ve got all sorts ready for you this time, including troglodytes, unicorns, pegasi, gargoyles, worms, eagles, vultures, tortoises, beasts and even a giant Venus flytrap!  Plus the Dark Elves get some spider riders and the Undead range gets an excellent Dark Coach.  These are all a variety of new sculpts and revamped older figures, courtesy of the talented Phil Lewis.  And many of them will serve quite happily in games from 10mm upto 28mm so there’s a lot of useful stuff here.

FAN-MON21   Troglodytes (22mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON22   Unicorns (16mm high)   £2.50
FAN-MON23   Pegasi (16mm high)   £2.50
FAN-MON24   Gargoyles (19mm high)   £3.00
FAN-MON25   Worms (16-21mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON26   Flocks of Birds (15mm wingspan)   £3.50
FAN-MON27   Eagles (50mm wingspan)   £3.50
FAN-MON28   Vultures (60mm wingspan)   £3.50
FAN-MON29   Flying Snakes/Grubs (13mm-18mm wingspans)   £3.50
FAN-MON30   Giant Tortoises (10mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON31   Giant Venus Flytrap (35mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON32   Savage Beasts (10-12mm high)   £3.00
FAN-MON33   Woolly Beasts (13-35mm high)   £5.50

Dark Elves
FAN-DEL7   Spider Riders   £5.50

FAN-UND11   Dark Coach   £3.50

And pics of them all:

We hope you like them!

Night Orcs available again!

The original Night Orc sculpts have been tidied up a little and then Techno has added a few extras to give us 3 spearmen and 3 archers, combined with a leader for both packs.  These were always a popular little range so it’s nice to have them back online!

Night Orcs
FAN-NRC1   Night Orc Spearmen (25)   £5.50
FAN-NRC2   Night Orc Archers (25)   £5.50

French Guard released!

It’s our first release of 2021 and also a long-awaited one as the Guard have arrived!  We’d had these sculpted a few years back but they were lost in the void known as ‘Sculpting Drawer’…  But they’re here now and ready for deployment against those pesky Brits!

Two quick notes on these, obviously the Guard were present through until 1815 but we’ve put them in our 1809 French range for the timebeing, with their earlier descriptions.  When we add an 1815 French range in the future they can be moved over to there.  Also, the Young and Middle Guard wouldn’t have been issued with Eagles and would have bare poles with fanions instead.  As we don’t currently produce those we’ve left the eagles on for the timebeing and folks can simply snip them off if they’re going to make their own flags.

NPF49   Young Guard Tirailleur Chasseurs/Voltigeurs (30)   £5.50
NPF50   Young Guard Tirailleur Grenadiers/Tirailleurs (30)   £5.50
NPF51   Middle Guard Fusilier Chasseurs (30)   £5.50
NPF52   Middle Guard Fusilier Grenadiers (30)   £5.50
NPF53   Young/Middle Guard mounted officers (5)   £1.85
NPF54   Old Guard Chasseurs (30)   £5.50
NPF55   Old Guard Grenadiers (30)   £5.50
NPF56   Old Guard mounted officers (5)   £1.85

And some pics!

NPF49 – Young Guard Tirailleur Chasseurs/Voltigeurs

NPF52 – Middle Guard Fusilier Grenadiers

NPF53 – Young/Middle Guard mounted officers

NPF54 – Old Guard Chasseurs

NPF56 – Old Guard mounted officers

New Fantasy Monsters released!

As we trundle towards the end of what’s been a pretty terrible year, we’ve got a few batches of shiny new releases to bring you a bit of Christmas cheer!

First up we’ve got the initial wave of our Fantasy expansion, containing all of the big boys!  We’ve got Fire and Stone Giants, Storm and Plague Elementals, Forest Trolls, Blood Demons and Terror Birds!  These monster types are all big sculpts, coming in at between 25-32mm tall generally, so they’ll work for all manner of Fantasy games outside of 10mm as well.

And then…..  BEARS!  You’ve asked for them for years and they’re finally here, in normal, armoured or saddled varieties.

FAN-MON10   Fire Giants (32mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON11   Stone Giants (33mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON12   Terror Birds (23mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON13   Blood Demons (25-28mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON14   Forest Trolls (27mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON15   Storm Elementals (26-28mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON16   Plague Elementals (26mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON17   Rhinos x 6 (15mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON18   Bears x 6 (13-21mm high)   £3.00
FAN-MON19   Armoured bears (13-21mm high)   £3.00
FAN-MON20   Saddled bears (13mm high)   £3.00

And pics of them all:

We’ll have more new stuff coming tomorrow so keep an eye out for that!

Siege Tower & Trebuchet released!

We’ve got a fun little pair of releases next with both a siege tower and a trebuchet now available in our Late Medieval range!

The structures have been made from MDF and then Techno has added some handy crew figures to them for us.  Both standing at around 80mm high they’ll make a great addition to any siege games.  The trebuchet will require a bit of modelling to make the sling and ropes, but we’re sure that folks will have those to hand at home.  The tower could equally be pulled into position by horses, so we can supply those as well if folks want them.

European Late Medieval
ELM41   Siege tower with crew   £5.00
ELM42   Trebuchet with crew   £5.00

And the pics of course:

We hope you like them!

TB Line Islamics available again!

We know that a lot of you have been waiting a long time for these (Hi Ithoriel!) and they’re finally here!  The TB Line Islamics range is back online and available to order again.

We’ve got 8 codes in this batch covering mounted command, cavalry and infantry with a nice mix of sculpts in each.  We’ve not found any extra sculpts for these packs, which is a bit of a shame, but they are up to the usual high standard that we’ve seen in the previous TB ranges.  It’s taken quite a lot of clean-up work though, this batch of 8 codes took nearly 12 hours of careful cleaning to get them ready for the new production moulds.

For those who’ve not had any TB Line figures before, they match up very well to our own in both size and proportions.

TB Line
Middle Age Islamics
TB-188   Mounted command group   £5.50
TB-189   Heavy knights with lance   £5.50
TB-190   Light cavalry with bows   £5.50
TB-191   Light camelry with spear/bow   £5.50
TB-192   Archers   £5.50
TB-193   Crossbowman   £5.50
TB-194   Knights on foot   £5.50
TB-195   Infantry with sword/spear   £5.50
(Packs contain 15 cavalry or 30 infantry)

And the pics:

The final Middle Ages range in the TB Line catalogue is the Mongols, so we’ll be getting those sorted out for release in 2021.

New ECW releases!

We’ve been doing some work on our ECW range recently with a variety of revamps and new releases for you!  First up we’ve got some new Scots codes in the form of infantry and cavalry casualties (commissioned by our own mollinary) and some armoured pikemen.  Next we’ve upgraded the old dismounted dragoons and peasants with newer sculpts and more poses, and then we’ve also taken the opportunity to remould a few of the older codes and split the pikement into either standing or advancing options.  So you can now choose whether to have your pike blocks stationary or on the move!

And finally we’ve added photos of the full range to the website!

English Civil War
EC43   Pikemen casualty in Scots bonnet (10)   £1.85
EC44   Pikemen casualty in morion helmet (10)   £1.85
EC45   Musketeer casualty in Scots bonnet (10)   £1.85
EC46   Mounted casualty in Scots bonnet (5)   £1.85
EC47a   Scots armoured pikemen, standing (15)   £2.75
EC47b   Scots armoured pikemen, advancing (15)   £2.75

EC4   Dismounted dragoons – REVAMPED
EC8   Peasants with improvised weapons – REVAMPED

EC1a   Armoured pikemen, standing
EC1b   Armoured pikemen, advancing
EC2a   Unarmoured pikemen, standing
EC2b   Unarmoured pikemen, advancing
EC16a   Scots unarmoured pikemen, standing
EC16b   Scots unarmoured pikemen, advancing

And some pics of course!

EC4 – Dismounted dragoons

EC8 – Peasants with improvised weapons

EC43 – Pikemen casualty in Scots bonnet

EC46 – Mounted casualty in Scots bonnet

EC47a – Scots armoured pikemen, standing

Hope you like them!

French Guard cavalry released!

It’s been a while since we’ve had any new goodies for you so hopefully this long-awaited batch will cheer some of you up!  These French Guard cavalry types were sculpted many moons ago and got themselves firmly wedged in a mysterious crevice where we couldn’t find them…   Embarrassed  But with the shows all cancelled for the foreseeable we thought it was about time we caught up on some of those ‘back burner’ projects and get them released.

And here they are!  We’ve got the Guard Chasseurs a Cheval and Grenadiers a Cheval, plus Empress Dragoons and Red Lancers for good measure.  We’ve got some Guard infantry and artillery crews also in the pipeline but it’ll be a little longer before we can get those ducks in a row.

NPF45   Guard Chasseur a Cheval   £5.50
NPF46   Guard Grenadier a Cheval   £5.50
NPF47   Empress Dragoons   £5.50
NPF48   Red Lancers   £5.50

And the pics of course:

NPF45 – Guard Chasseur a Cheval

NPF46 – Guard Grenadier a Cheval

NPF47 – Empress Dragoons

NPF48 – Red Lancers

We’ve got another little release coming on Sunday, one for the cold Prussian winters of 1870…

Libertad! now available!

Libertad! is a supplement for the popular Blitzkrieg Commander IV wargames rules, focussing on the Spanish Civil War from 1936-1939.

Written by Mark Fry and Rob Anderson, Libertad! contains 23 new army lists for the various factions present in this conflict, plus 5 historical scenarios complete with maps by Henry Hyde, as well as new rules for Line Commanders, Street Barricades, Molotov Cocktails and more.

This supplement is initially available as a pdf through Wargame Vault here:

Hard copies will be available shortly, more info to come on that soon.

Pendraken acquires RedVectors!

Pendraken/Minibits acquires REDvectors!

As many of you will be aware, we’ve been working with Mick at REDvectors for many years now, running the production and sales side while he created more excellent MDF designs. We’re now very pleased to announce that we’ve reached an agreement to take over REDvectors entirely, bringing all of the remaining designs over to Pendraken Miniatures / Minibits, as well as the REDvectors brand itself.

We’d like to place on record our thanks to Mick for this opportunity and for allowing us to license his designs in the first place. It’s always nice to work with professional and enthusiastic people and Mick has been a great guy throughout our partnership. He’ll now be enjoying his retirement with Gill in their campervan and rolling some dice when not touring!

Moving forward we’ve recently hired two new people to take on all of the 2D design aspects of our business, so the new guys will be working through all of the remaining REDvectors designs and getting them ready for production over the rest of this year. We’ll also be looking to rescale some of the designs and provide more variety across the ranges.

The REDvectors brand will continue to be used for all of our MDF products going forward and you’ll be able to find all of them on the Minibits website here:

If there are any existing REDvectors designs that you’d like to see pushed to the front of the production queue, let us know. And if you’ve got any ideas for new products, give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do!

Extra Elizabethan codes released!

It’s our final day of the ’10 Days of Shiny!’

For the last release in this run we’ve got a little expansion of our Elizabethan range.  Some of you might recognise these figures from Dave’s own project last year, so we’ve done a deal and brought them into our range instead.  We’ve got extra poses of arquebusiers, musketeers and pikemen, as well as mounted arquebusiers, command and the oft-requested jinetes!

EL3  Arquebusiers   £5.50

EL17  Halberdier    £5.50
EL18  Pikemen, unarmoured     £5.50
EL19  Musketeers, type 2     £5.50
EL20  Mounted arquebusier     £5.50
EL21  Genitor     £5.50
EL22  Mounted command     £5.50

And some pics:

EL3 – Arquebusiers

EL19 – Musketeers, type 2

EL20 – Mounted arquebusier

EL21 – Jinetes

EL22 – Mounted command

We hope you’ve all enjoyed these recent releases and have found something useful, interesting or at the very least, shiny!  We’ve got a lot of stuff still in the pipeline at Pendraken HQ so we’ll put out a quick summary of where we are with it all this weekend.  In the meantime, enjoy!

Paint racks now available!

We’re almost at the end of our ’10 Days of Shiny’ and for Day 9 we’ve got some handy paint storage options for you!

These RedVectors paint storage racks come in 3 types:
– Small (for Vallejo or Army Painter dropper bottles)
– Large (for Citadel and similar sized pots)
– Wall (for Vallejo or Army Painter dropper bottles)

The first two are simple desk top racks while the third can be mounted on the wall to free up that valuable hobby space!

Red Vectors
Paint Racks or
RED-RAC-01   Paint rack (small)   £12.00
RED-RAC-02   Paint rack (large)   £12.00
RED-RAC-03   Paint rack (wall)   £15.00

Our final day will be a small addition to the Pendraken catalogue for the Renaissance fans…

Feudal Japanese buildings released!

The days are flying by and we’re already on Day 8 of the ’10 Days of Shiny!’

Today we move over to some new scenery releases with the first batch of Feudal Japanese buildings now available!  These are the Castle Arts range (which we purchased at the start of 2019) so we’re excited to get them back into production.  John at Ironclad has been doing some tweaks and new moulds for us, so these are all new crisp castings and look great.  We’ve added pictures of the bare resin as well as the painted images supplied to us by Castle Arts.  Ignore the chap in the painted images, he’s a Castle Arts figure and not from our new ranges!

The next batch of these should be some of the walls and fences, which we’re hoping to have ready sometime in August.

Feudal Japan
SCN-FEU1   Samurai Dojo   £4.50
SCN-FEU5   Village House, type 1   £4.00
SCN-FEU6   Samurai House   £4.00
SCN-FEU7   Village House, type 2   £4.00
SCN-FEU8   Dormitory   £4.00
SCN-FEU9   Inn   £4.00

And the pics:

Day 9 will see some handy storage items from Minibits…

Revamped Opel Blitz trucks!

We’re into Day 6 of the ’10 Days of Shiny!’

We’re back to Pendraken and some 10mm goodies today with some revamped and expanded Opel Blitz trucks!  We’ve replaced our original truck, AA and Maultier models as well as adding radio trucks, ambulance and a command version of the Maultier for good measure.  The revamp process is a long-term commitment to upgrading our models and keeping them up to modern standards, so it’s good to get these ticked off.  Next on the revamp schedule will be the Pz IIIs which should be ready towards the end of the year.

For anyone wanting any of the old models to finish off existing projects, we’ll still be able to supply them for a short period of time.

German Vehicles
GRV96   Opel Blitz truck, low sides   £3.20
GRV97   Opel Blitz truck, office body   £3.20
GRV98   Opel Blitz, 20mm Quad AA   £3.20
GRV99   Opel Blitz truck, high sides   £3.20
GRV100   Opel Maultier   £3.20

GRV122   Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/18   £3.20
GRV123   Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/22   £3.20
GRV124   Opel Blitz ambulance   £3.20
GRV125   Opel Maultier, office body   £3.20

And some pics:

GRV99 – Opel Blitz truck, high sides

GRV100 – Opel Maultier

GRV122 – Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/18

GRV124 – Opel Blitz ambulance

Day 7 will be a rather large Minibits release, so watch out 6mm WWII gamers…

Feudal Japanese range released!

We’re at Day 4 of the ’10 Days of Shiny’ and it’s a big one!  We know that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting this release so we’re very excited to have our new Feudal Japanese range now available!

We’ve replaced and expanded our old Samurai range with more codes, more poses, more equipment… more everything really.  We’ve got infantry and cavalry, monks and ninjas, guns and drums, casualties, banners, civilians and more.  Everything you could possbly want for your Japanese armies…

Feudal Japanese
FEU1   Foot command (20)   £3.75
FEU2   Ashigaru with naginata   £5.50
FEU3   Ashigaru with longbow   £5.50
FEU4   Ashigaru with yari upright (15)   £2.75
FEU5   Ashigaru with yari angled (15)   £2.75
FEU6   Ashigaru with arquebus    £5.50
FEU7   Samurai with longbow    £5.50
FEU8   Samurai with naginata   £5.50
FEU9   Samurai with katana   £5.50
FEU10   Samurai with yari   £5.50
FEU11   Peasants with longbow   £5.50
FEU12   Peasants with arquebus   £5.50
FEU13   Peasants with improvised weapons   £5.50
FEU14   Sohei monks   £5.50
FEU15   Ikko-Ikki monks   £5.50
FEU16   Ninjas   £5.50
FEU17   Mounted Samurai with longbow   £5.50
FEU18   Mounted Samurai with naginata   £5.50
FEU19   Mounted Samurai with yari   £5.50
FEU20   Emplaced gun with crew (2)   £5.50
FEU21   Foot generals group (4)   £1.00
FEU22   Mounted general and bannerman (2)   £1.00
FEU23   Taiko drum and drummers   £1.00
FEU24   Takeda Shingen   £0.55
FEU25   Uesugi Kenshin   £0.55
FEU26   Tokugawa Ieyasu   £0.55
FEU27   Oda Nobunaga   £0.55
FEU28   Ashigaru casualties (10)   £1.85
FEU29   Samurai casualties (10)   £1.85
FEU30   Civilians   £5.50
FEU31   Sashimono banners, small (10)   £1.85
FEU32   Sashimono banners, large (10)   £3.50
FEU33   Uma Jinushi banners (5)   £1.00
FEU34   Horse hair banners (5)   £1.00
FEU35   Pavise (10)   £1.85
FEU36   Bamboo palisade (10)   £4.00
FEU37   Kuruma Date mobile shield (3)   £4.50
FEU38   Bamboo bundles (10)   £1.85
Feudal Japanese Army Pack – Contains 1 pack each of FEU1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 17, 18, 21, 22     £34.00

And of course some pics:

FEU2 – Ashigaru with naginata

FEU9 – Samurai with katana

FEU16 – Ninjas

FEU20 – Emplaced gun with crew

FEU23 – Taiko drum

Day 5 will see us back over to Minibits for something MDF-y…

WWII Drivers & Passengers

It’s Day 2 of our ’10 Days of Shiny!’

Today we switch to 10mm and WWII in particular, with a set of drivers and passengers released for our American, British, French, German and Soviet ranges!  These are all seated figures which will fit into any of our jeeps, halftracks and trucks, or placed on a bench/ammo box to add something to a command base or diorama.  The drivers have their arms in their laps so they can be put in either the driver or passenger seats of transports.  The passengers come with helmets and rifles and the pairs could also be cut in half if you wanted individuals instead.

These new codes can be found in the Misc section of their respective nations (except for the French which are a single set of codes currently).


American Misc
AMX2   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
AMX3   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

British Misc
BRX11   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
BRX12   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

FRE62   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
FRE63   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

German Misc
GRX25   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
GRX26   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

Soviet Misc
SVX5   Seated drivers (5)   £1.00
SVX6   Seated passengers (5 pairs)   £1.85

And some pics:

AMX2 – American drivers

BRX11 – British drivers

FRE63 – French passengers

GRX26 – German passengers

For Day 3 we’ll be switching back to Minibits for some scenery items…

BTR-40 Released!

A quick release now for the Modern gamers with the BTR-40 available!  This one was produced from 1950 through to 1960 before being replaced by the BTR-152, although it remained in service across the world until the 1980’s.  Other operators included East Germany and Poland, as well as a licensed Chinese version under the name Type 55 where it saw action in Korea and Vietnam.

Modern Vehicles
MDV73   BTR-40   £2.95

New Greeks & Persians released!

The revamp of our older Ancients ranges continues and this time we’ve got the eagerly anticipated Greeks and Persians!  As well as updating all of the sculpts, we’ve also spent a lot of time expanding these ranges to add extra infantry and cavalry types, especially for the Persians.  This gives many more options and also ticks off a few items on our request lists at the same time!

As with the recent Dacians and Sarmatians we’d like to give huge thanks to Will Denham for helping us (and the sculptor!) with these ranges.

Don’t forget that our price increase comes in at midnight on Saturday night, so if you fancy any of these, grab them before the prices go up!  We’ll also have them with us at the York show on Sunday.

Achaemenid Persians
PER1   Foot command
PER2   Infantry with crescent shield
PER3   Sparabara spearmen with shields (20)   £3.50
PER4   Sparabara archers
PER5   Immortals
PER6   Saka Hauma/Asia Hillmen spearmen (20)    £3.50
PER7   Saka Haumavarga/Asiatic Hillmen archers
PER8   Saka Haumavarga/Asiatic Hillmen slingers
PER9   Light cavalry with javelin
PER10   Satrapal Guard cavalry
PER11   Guard cavalry
PER12   Iranian cavalry
PER13   Arab cavalry
PER14   Skythian cavalry with spear
PER15   Skythian cavalry with bow
PER16   Mounted General (1)   £0.55
PER17   Scythed chariot with crew and driver (2)
PER18   Scythed chariot with Xerxes (1)   £3.00
PER19   Scythed chariot with Cyrus  (1)   £3.00
PER20   Xerxes (1)   £0.55
PER21   Cyrus (1)   £0.55
PER22   Separate shields (10)   £1.00
Achaemenid Persian Army Pack – Contains 2 x PER5. 1 1/2 x PER3.  1 x PER1, 2, 4, 9    £33.00

GRE1   Foot command
GRE2   Armoured hoplites in tunic cuirass
GRE3   Armoured hoplites bronze cuirass
GRE4   Spartan hoplites
GRE5   Peltasts with short spear
GRE6   Cretan/Psiloi archers
GRE7   Psiloi skirmishers
GRE8   Greek light cavalry
GRE9   Thessalian light cavalry
GRE10   Thessalian heavy cavalry
GRE11   Mounted general and leader   £0.80
Greek Army Pack – Contains 2 x GRE2. 1 x GRE1, 3, 5, 6, 8     £33.00

And some pics:

PER1 – Foot command

PER3 – Sparabara spearmen with shields

PER5 – Immortals

PER12 – Iranian cavalry

PER17 – Scythed chariot with crew and driver

GRE1 – Foot command

GRE4 – Spartan hoplites

GRE8 – Greek light cavalry