At the outbreak of war, both Australia and New Zealand pledged full support for Britain. The ANZAC troops first joined WWI when the Australian Expeditionary Force landed on Rabaul in September 1914. They proceeded to take control of several islands before destroying the German raider SMS Emden. In April 1915 the Anzacs landed on Gallipoli in Turkey along with troops from Britain and France. This began a campaign that ended with an evacuation of allied troops beginning in December 1915. The Anzacs continued to fight on the Western Front, reaching their peak in the battle of Hamel in July 1918. From August they took part in a series of decisive advances until they were relieved in early October. Germany then surrendered on 11 November. Over in the Middle East campaign they took part in the defence of the Suez Canal and the allied re-conquest of the Sinai Desert, before advancing into Palestine and capturing Gaza, Jerusalem, Lebanon and Syria. On 30 October 1918 Turkey sued for peace.

AN1 Infantry in slouch hat
AN1 Infantry in slouch hat

Pack contains 30 figures (27 foot (2 poses), 3 officers)

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