Blitzkrieg Commander

Blitzkrieg Commander is an exciting set of fast play wargame rules that allow you to recreate battles of the Second World War using miniatures on a tabletop. BKC is suitable for any scale miniatures and uses a simple command system as well as an effective mechanism for casualty resolution. There are rules for infantry, tanks, artillery, recce, aircraft and engineers and a flexible figure ratio means that one base represents a platoon. The game requires minimal setup time so you can simply assemble your forces and play! Blitzkrieg Commander IV contains 44 army lists and 15 scenarios suitable for any nation and theatre. The rules are suitable for solo, two player or multi-player games. For a Quick Reference Sheet, Optional Rules and further material, head over to the Blitzkrieg Commander IV section of the Pendraken Forum. Historical unit lists by MicroMark can be found on Wargame Vault.

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