150 new Sci-Fi sculpts!

We've mentioned the Sci-Fi revamp a few times and we've finally got some photos of the new infantry sculpts!  We've also got some tank commanders and tank riders to go with these too. 

All of the vehicles and support weapons have been designed digitally and we'll have some photos of the 3D prints for you next week.  These first 6 ranges should then be moulded and ready to release before the end of the year.

Human Corporate

Human Corporate worlds are dominated by vast multi-planetary business conglomerates, evolved out of a Sino-Japanese-Polynesian genetic stock.  "Business is war and wars are business" where individual corporations own planets, asteroid belts and whole solar systems, advancing their sphere of influence through an aggressive commercial colonisation and terraforming approach.  Settlers are indentured to the company for generations into the future.  Business and military alliances will be made and broken as dictated by commercial and stock-holder necessity, and they have no issues with forming alliances with non-human races – even against other humans or each other – if there is a profit to be made. They are avid users of Xeno technology, especially exotic metals, bean weapons, anti-grav tech and force-fields.

Regular infantry / Grenadier / Heavy weapon teams:

Anti-air team / Rocket and mortar crew / Command / Recce team:

Engineers / Sniper / Drone operators / Artillery crews:

Human Collective

There are no individuals in the Collective – all are equal, all must serve the Collective selflessly and all must give 100% of their efforts and energies to the advancement of the Collective objective.  They are unwelcome on more temperate human colonies so are driven to inhabit worlds with harsher colder climates, where they can advance their ideology aggressively.  All able-bodied adults are drafted into the army with all industry, agriculture and technological development being part of the military effort.  Perpetually on a war footing, the only civilians in the Collective are the aged, infirm or children.

Regular infantry / Heavy infantry / grenadier:

Heavy weapon teams / Anti-air team / Rocket and mortar crew / Command:

Recce team / Engineers / Sniper / Drone operators:

Artillery crews:

Human Empirical

Dominated by hereditary families and ruled by a dynasty of Emperors, in many ways Empirical worlds follow a pattern similar to the old Earth Holy Roman Empire.  Each hereditary family are all hugely independent, but they must elect an overall emperor or empress from amongst their number to act as a figurehead and to direct their overall policy and strategy.  The hereditary families vie for position in the great councils that govern the Empire.  Each family expands their spheres of influence and power by discovering and conquering new planets and extracting resources.  The different families have different insignia, heraldry and uniform colours, but their weaponry and vehicles are standard, being created and held in vast armouries.

Regular infantry / Heavy infantry:

Grenadier / Heavy weapon teams / Command / Recce team:

Engineers / Sniper / Drone operators / Artillery crew:

Human Theological

Ruled by a network of all-powerful elders, who are guided by a vast over-class of theocrats and priests, the Theocracy has developed a religious set of beliefs that combine extreme versions of all the major old-world Earth religions.  They are intolerant of any other belief systems and also believe that all of the 'alien' races are an abomination and must be exterminated to clean the galaxy for the coming of their ultimate saviour.  Their congregation armies are trained to exhibit anonymous, almost mindless, devotion and a fanatic belief in their own superiority.

Regular infantry / Grenadier / Heavy weapon teams:

Anti-air team / Rocket and mortar crew / Command / Recce team:

Engineers / Sniper / Drone operators / Artillery crews:

Grav Bikes:

Human Griffon
A radical extreme, authoritarian state – known by other humans as the 'grey-men' – Griffon worlds are highly bureaucratic and centralised.  There is no ability to express yourself individually, with order and compliance being the driving forces behind their expansion.  All activities are directed by The Party, if you are not a member of the Party you are therefore an un-citizen and a sub-class.  The Party exists purely to grow the state and bring order to other humans.  Griffon worlds are industrial in nature with the population living in large communal cities where each family unit is given the resources that The Party believes their levels of devotion and contribution warrants.  All citizens live under a high level of security and constant observation.

Regular infantry / Grenadier / Heavy weapon teams:

Rocket and mortar crew / Command / Recce team / Engineers:

Sniper / Drone operators / Artillery crews:

Human Free States

A coalition of free, non-aligned planets and solar systems, the Free States embrace free trade, freedom of expression and a self-determined ethos.  These societies have bonded to each other for a strong mutual defence alliance, originally requried against the other human blocs.  They are scattered far and wide across the universe, with an adventuring and pioneering mindset whilst avoiding conflict with indigenous alien races or other humans wherever possible.  Their military technology is shared and so is relatively standard, although different states or even cities or orbital stations will have customised weaponry to suit their own needs.  Most military formations are mercenaries, being hired by a specific planet to defend a faction or undertake a specific task.  Often that task is to protect a new colony, until it is on its own feet and established enough to defend itself.

Regular infantry / Heavy weapon teams:

Rocket and mortar crew / Command / Recce team:

Drone operators / Artillery crews: