April Newsletter!

Welcome to the latest Pendraken newsletter!

We're still recovering from an excellent day at Salute but there's always something new at Pendraken HQ!

Sci-Fi Ranges 5 & 6 Released!

We've got some more Sci-Fi releases for you this month with ranges 5 and 6 now up on the website.  The Griffon are an authoritarian state with some definite M113 vibes about their vehicles.  The Free States are a smaller mercenary based range with some really nice gun platforms for their artillery.

These packs are all structured to provide a unit/base worth of figures, aside from the infantry that come in larger packs.  The vehicles include driver/commander torsos too, to add a bit of extra detail.

All of these new figures are sculpted by Phil Lewis, along with vehicles/support weapons by Dennis Smith.

The next three ranges will all be alien types, so keep an eye out for those!

28mm Crossover Miniatures are back!

Many of you will remember that we used to be the European stockist for the excellent 28mm Crossover Miniatures, bringing you high quality, customizable super heroes, villains, and minions that can be used in any games you wish.

For a short while we unfortunately had to stop stocking them due to the exchange rate and the import costs but we are very pleased to announce that Crossovers are back!  We've reached a deal with Rusti to manufacture these miniatures here at Pendraken HQ and get them back on sale!

These were relaunched on our stand at Salute and we've now added them to the website here.

If you're over in North America then you can get them straight from Rusti here.

Woodland Scenics trees now available!

We've had a lot of requests in our shop recently for more scale modelling type product ranges, so the first addition is the excellent Woodland Scenics trees!  These are a higher price point than some of the trees you can find on eBay and such, but they are certainly top quality and look great.  They come in various sizes from 0.75" up to 9" heights, and in various styles too.  Head over and have a browse here.

Hammerhead and Partizan!

After a busy day down in London we'll be heading to the opposite end of the country soon as we make the drive up to Falkirk for the Carronade event on Saturday May 4th.  A fortnight after that we'll be bouncing down the country again to the excellent Partizan show, on Sunday 19th May.  There's still time to place pre-orders for both of these events so make sure to get them sent over at least 7 days in advance.

Important Dates

Sat 4th May - Carronade, Falkirk -
Sun 19th May - Partizan, Newark -
Sat 22nd June - Phalanx, St Helens -