AWI French expansion!

After a few new releases back at the start of the year we're back with some more additions for our American War of Independence ranges, this time with emphasis on the French.  

First up we've got some Lee's Legion and mounted militia for the Americans, skirmishing Queens Rangers and British Legion infantry for the Brits.  And then for the French we've got Chasseurs, mounted officers, artillery pieces, Lauzun's Legion and the Duc de Lauzun himself!


AWA26    Lee's Legion 
AWA27    Militia cavalry  

AWB50    Queens Rangers, skirmishing
AWB51    British Legion infantry 

AWF5    Chasseurs, skirmishing  
AWF6    3pdr guns with crew  
AWF7    6pdr guns with crew
AWF8    6pdr battalion guns with crew 
AWF9    5.5" Howitzers with crew 
AWF10    Lauzun's Legion Hussars with lance  
AWF11    Lauzun's Legion Hussars with sabre (8) 
AWF12    Duc de Lauzun (1)   
AWF13    Mounted Officers