Battlescale 6mm buildings now available!

After the success addition of their 10mm ranges, we're now pleased to announce that we're also stocking all of Battlescale's 6mm buildings too!  We know that a lot of you prefer 6mm buildings with your 10mm games so you can now get everything you need in one place.

BAT-6B001    Clapboard Homestead    2.25
BAT-6B002    Clapboard Farmhouse    2.50
BAT-6B003    Gambrel Barn    1.50
BAT-6B004    Dunker Church      2.50
BAT-6B005    Townhouse No.1    2.50
BAT-6B006    Rendered Farmhouse    2.50
BAT-6B007    Rendered Cottage    2.25
BAT-6B008    Terrace Ruin    2.50
BAT-6B009    Enclosed Farmhouse+Stables    4.50
BAT-6B010    Rural House with Annex    2.50
BAT-6B011    Thatched Cottage    2.50
BAT-6B012    Small Water Mill    2.50
BAT-6B013    Russian Church    2.50
BAT-6B014    Thatched Timber Shack    2.00
BAT-6B015    Roundhouse (pack of 3)    3.50
BAT-6B016    Pit House    2.00
BAT-6B017    Townhouse No.2    2.50
BAT-6B018    Cafe / Shop      2.50
BAT-6B019    Thatched Farmstead      4.00
BAT-6B020    Small Thatched Hovel      1.25
BAT-6B021    Tiled Merchants House    2.50
BAT-6B022      Three Storey Ruin    2.75
BAT-6B023    Stone Built House    2.50
BAT-6B024    European Church    3.75
BAT-6B025    Thatched Timber Framed House    2.50
BAT-6B026    Thatched Timber Framed Barn    2.50
BAT-6B027    Dutch House (Triangular Gable)    2.75
BAT-6B028    Dutch House (Stepped Gable)    2.75
BAT-6B029    Church Ruin    3.75
BAT-6B030    Low Level Ruin No.1    1.00
BAT-6B031    Desert Dwelling No.2    2.50
BAT-6B032    Desert Dwelling No.1    2.00
BAT-6B033    Henry House    3.00
BAT-6B034    Thatched Stone Barn    2.50
BAT-6B035    Timber Framed Gatehouse    3.50
BAT-6B036    Thatched Farmhouse    2.75
BAT-6B037    European Stone Windmill    3.50
BAT-6B038    Post Windmill    3.50
BAT-6B039    Culloden Croft    2.50
BAT-6B040    Farmhouse Ruin    2.50
BAT-6B041    Chapel House    3.25
BAT-6B042    Thatched Rendered Cottage    2.50
BAT-6B043    Rendered Cottage with Dormer    2.50
BAT-6B044    Saltbox House    2.50
BAT-6B045    Tiled Timber Shack    2.50
BAT-6B046    ACW Mail Office / Store    2.50
BAT-6B047    Stone House with Annex    3.00
BAT-6B048    Low Level Run No.2    1.25
BAT-6B049    Small Clapboard Chapel    2.50
BAT-6B050    Pumping Station    4.00
BAT-6B051    Irish Croft    1.25
BAT-6B052    Townhouse No.3    2.50
(All supplied unpainted)