Cold War Commander Tokens and Templates!

We've had these in the shop and on the show stand for a while so we've finally got them added to the website too.  These are the same tokens/templates as we've been producing for Blitzkrieg Commander but with fancy Cold War branding on them instead!

There's 20cm circles and squares for the Artillery support and then the 30cm circle and 30x10cm rectangle for the Air support attacks too.  The larger 30cm circle can be used for rocket/naval artillery attacks as well.  

Next up are a pair of templates, one for the Restricted firing arcs and the other for showing your front, flank and rear aspects during firing and close assault actions.  These are both around 100mm diameter with a 50mm internal space to fit around your Cold War bases.

Cold War Commander
Templates & Tokens
CWC-D6-WEA    D6 Weather Dice (x2)  
CWC-D6-DEV    D6 Deviation Dice / regular D6 pair
CWC-D8-COM    D8 Compass Dice (x2)  

CWC-TT-SUP    Suppressed markers (10) 
CWC-TT-DEP    Deployed markers (10)   

CWC-TT-ARC    Restricted Arc template    
CWC-TT-FFR    Front, Flank & Rear template  

CWC-TT-20C    20cm circular Artillery concentration template   
CWC-TT-20S    20cm square Artillery barrage template  
CWC-TT-30R    30x10cm Air Support ground attack template   
CWC-TT-30C    30cm circular Air Support bomber template