Colour Forge spray primers now available!

We're very pleased to announce that we're now stocking the excellent Colour Forge range of spray primers!

Colour Forge believe a smooth, high quality primer is the cornerstone to any hobby project!  Boasting a smooth finish, great coverage and all wrapped up in an impressive 500ml can!

And the best news is that we're also able to ship both these and our own spray varnishes within the UK, for a flat rate of £7.95 for as many cans as you like.  We've been trying to find a suitable courier for years as most of the usual suspects either won't carry aerosols or insist on high minimum spend levels, so it's great to finally get that fixed for you.

Colour Forge Primers
AER-COL-WHT   Matt White Primer   
AER-COL-BON   Wight Bone Primer   
AER-COL-EAR   Ossified Earth Primer   
AER-COL-DES   Desert Sand Primer   
AER-COL-SYL   Sunset Yellow Primer   
AER-COL-SAN   Sanguine Red Primer   
AER-COL-GGR   Governor Green Primer   
AER-COL-RGR   Renegade Green Primer   
AER-COL-DGR   Drake Scale Green Primer   
AER-COL-BPU   Bruised Purple Primer   
AER-COL-IPU   Imperial Purple Primer   
AER-COL-VVL   Vampire Violette Primer   
AER-COL-RBL   Republic Blue Primer   
AER-COL-TBL   Tempest Blue Primer   
AER-COL-TBR   Trench Brown Primer   
AER-COL-HBR   Hyrax Brown Primer   
AER-COL-SGY   Standard Grey Primer   
AER-COL-WGY   Wolfkin Grey Primer   
AER-COL-GGY   Ghoul Grey Primer   
AER-COL-BLK   Matt Black Primer   
AER-COL-SIL   Steelforge Silver Primer   
AER-COL-GLD   Gauntlet Gold Primer   
AER-COL-VAR   Matt Varnish   

... all priced at £12.00 per can.