Crossovers are back!

Many of you will remember that we used to be the European stockist for the excellent 28mm Crossover Miniatures, bringing you high quality, customizable super heroes, villains, and minions that can be used in any games you wish. 

For a short while we unfortunately had to stop stocking them due to the exchange rate and the import costs but we are very pleased to announce that Crossovers are back!  We've reached a deal with Rusti to manufacture these miniatures here at Pendraken HQ and get them back on sale!

These were relaunched on our stand at Salute and we've now added them to the website here:  If you're over in North America then you can get them straight from Rusti here:

Heroes and Villains
CRS-HAV-01   The Defender   £3.95
CRS-HAV-02   Dr. E-Vil   £3.95
CRS-HAV-03   Ram Jam   £4.50
CRS-HAV-04   Super Soldier   £3.95
CRS-HAV-05   Hoplite   £3.95
CRS-HAV-06   Ka-Pow   £3.95
CRS-HAV-07   Everest   £3.95
CRS-HAV-08   Fury   £3.95
CRS-HAV-09   The Kid   £3.95
CRS-HAV-10   Whiskers   £3.95
CRS-HAV-11   Crash   £4.50
CRS-HAV-12   Burn   £3.95
CRS-HAV-13   Mach-3   £3.95
CRS-HAV-14   Safeguard   £3.95
CRS-HAV-15   Fletch   £3.95
CRS-HAV-16   Seraphim   £4.25
CRS-HAV-17   Dr. Maniac   £3.95
CRS-HAV-18   Blue Flair   £3.95
CRS-HAV-19   Calgon The Taker   £3.95
CRS-HAV-20   The Caped Defender   £3.95
CRS-HAV-21   Dangeress   £3.95
CRS-HAV-22   Stretch   £3.95
CRS-HAV-23   Robo-Dogs (3)   £3.95
CRS-HAV-24   Robo-Cats (3)   £3.95
CRS-HAV-25   Dark Avenger   £4.25
CRS-HAV-26   Robo-Girl   £3.95
CRS-HAV-27   Dread   £3.95
CRS-HAV-28   Space Lord   £4.25
CRS-HAV-29   Emperor Moth   £4.25
CRS-HAV-30   Wild Girl   £3.95
CRS-HAV-31   Bobbi Dazzler   £3.95
CRS-HAV-32   Wisteria   £3.95
CRS-HAV-33   Infinitus   £3.95

CRS-MCO-01   Cops (4)   £9.95
CRS-MCO-02   Cop Leader   £3.95

CRS-MNI-01   Ninjas (4)   £9.95
CRS-MNI-02   Ninja Boss   £3.95
CRS-MNI-03   Ninja Boss with Gun   £3.95
CRS-MNI-04   Ninjas with Guns (4)   £9.95
CRS-MNI-05   Ninjas with Weapons (4)   £9.95
CRS-MNI-06   Ninja Guard   £3.95

CRS-MPM-01   Goons (4)   £9.95
CRS-MPM-02   Goon Leader   £3.95
CRS-MPM-03   Goon Guard   £3.95
CRS-MPM-04   Female Goon   £3.95
CRS-MPM-05   Goons with Heavy Weapons (4)   £9.95
CRS-MPM-06   Goon Surrendering   £3.95

CRS-MTH-01   Thugs (4)   £9.95
CRS-MTH-02   Thug Leader   £3.95
CRS-MTH-03   Thugs on Bank Job (4)   £9.95
CRS-MTH-04   Thug Surrendering   £3.95

CRS-STE-01   Super Team   £7.95
CRS-STE-02   Viridian Guardians   £7.95

CRS-UFO-01   Criptozoids (4)   £12.95
CRS-UFO-02   Grey Alien Command (5)   £9.95
CRS-UFO-03   Grey Alien Troops I (5)   £9.95
CRS-UFO-04   Grey Alien Troops II (5)   £9.95

And some pics of these: