Fantasy Monsters Batch 1

We've got a few batches of shiny new releases for you now!  

First up we've got the initial wave of our Fantasy expansion, containing all of the big boys!  We've got Fire and Stone Giants, Storm and Plague Elementals, Forest Trolls, Blood Demons and Terror Birds!  These monster types are all big sculpts, coming in at between 25-32mm tall generally, so they'll work for all manner of Fantasy games outside of 10mm as well.  

And then.....  BEARS!  You've asked for them for years and they're finally here, in normal, armoured or saddled varieties.

FAN-MON10   Fire Giants (32mm high) 
FAN-MON11   Stone Giants (33mm high) 
FAN-MON12   Terror Birds (23mm high)  
FAN-MON13   Blood Demons (25-28mm high)  
FAN-MON14   Forest Trolls (27mm high)
FAN-MON15   Storm Elementals (26-28mm high)
FAN-MON16   Plague Elementals (26mm high)
FAN-MON17   Rhinos x 6 (15mm high)
FAN-MON18   Bears x 6 (13-21mm high) 
FAN-MON19   Armoured bears (13-21mm high) 
FAN-MON20   Saddled bears (13mm high)