Fantasy Monsters Batch 2!

We're back with another wave of Fantasy Monsters! 

We've got all sorts ready for you this time, including troglodytes, unicorns, pegasi, gargoyles, worms, eagles, vultures, tortoises, beasts and even a giant Venus flytrap!  Plus the Dark Elves get some spider riders and the Undead range gets an excellent Dark Coach.  These are all a variety of new sculpts and revamped older figures, courtesy of the talented Phil Lewis.  And many of them will serve quite happily in games from 10mm upto 28mm so there's a lot of useful stuff here.

FAN-MON21   Troglodytes (22mm high)  
FAN-MON22   Unicorns (16mm high)   
FAN-MON23   Pegasi (16mm high)
FAN-MON24   Gargoyles (19mm high)
FAN-MON25   Worms (16-21mm high)
FAN-MON26   Flocks of Birds (15mm wingspan)
FAN-MON27   Eagles (50mm wingspan)  
FAN-MON28   Vultures (60mm wingspan)
FAN-MON29   Flying Snakes/Grubs (13mm-18mm wingspans)
FAN-MON30   Giant Tortoises (10mm high)
FAN-MON31   Giant Venus Flytrap (35mm high)  
FAN-MON32   Savage Beasts (10-12mm high) 
FAN-MON33   Woolly Beasts (13-35mm high) 

Dark Elves
FAN-DEL7   Spider Riders

FAN-UND11   Dark Coach