First batch of Sci-Fi vehicles previewed!

We're really excited to show you these!  This is the first 4 ranges of vehicles, support weapons and artillery for our upcoming Sci-Fi ranges.  These are all going into low-temp moulds over the next week and then we can start prepping them for a release.

The infantry sculpts have all been master moulded already and we're about to start the production moulds for those too.  I'm not sure on exact timelines for the first release but I'm hoping that I can get them done before the end of the year.

Each of these sets contains a similar mix:

- Personnel, Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Missile Battery, and Main Battle tanks
- Mortar, Rocket Launcher and Drones
- Light Artillery and Heavy Artillery pieces

Human Corporate

Human Collective

Human Empirical

Human Theological

We've got 2 more sets to preview so we'll get those ready and grab some photos soon!