French Guard released!

The French Guard have arrived!  We'd had these sculpted a few years back but they were lost in the void known as 'Sculpting Drawer'...  But they're here now and ready for deployment against those pesky Brits!

Two quick notes on these, obviously the Guard were present through until 1815 but we've put them in our 1809 French range for the timebeing, with their earlier descriptions.  When we add an 1815 French range in the future they can be moved over to there.  Also, the Young and Middle Guard wouldn't have been issued with Eagles and would have bare poles with fanions instead.  As we don't currently produce those we've left the eagles on for the timebeing and folks can simply snip them off if they're going to make their own flags.

NPF49   Young Guard Tirailleur Chasseurs/Voltigeurs
NPF50   Young Guard Tirailleur Grenadiers/Tirailleurs
NPF51   Middle Guard Fusilier Chasseurs
NPF52   Middle Guard Fusilier Grenadiers
NPF53   Young/Middle Guard mounted officers (5)  
NPF54   Old Guard Chasseurs
NPF55   Old Guard Grenadiers
NPF56   Old Guard mounted officers (5)