Greeks and Persians released!

Greeks and Persians released!

The revamp of our older Ancients ranges continues and this time we've got the eagerly anticipated Greeks and Persians!  As well as updating all of the sculpts, we've also spent a lot of time expanding these ranges to add extra infantry and cavalry types, especially for the Persians.  This gives many more options and also ticks off a few items on our request lists at the same time!  

As with the recent Dacians and Sarmatians we'd like to give huge thanks to Will Denham for helping us (and the sculptor!) with these ranges.

Don't forget that our price increase comes in at midnight on Saturday night, so if you fancy any of these, grab them before the prices go up!  We'll also have them with us at the York show on Sunday.

Achaemenid Persians
PER1   Foot command
PER2   Infantry with crescent shield   
PER3   Sparabara spearmen with shields (20)
PER4   Sparabara archers
PER5   Immortals
PER6   Saka Hauma/Asia Hillmen spearmen (20)
PER7   Saka Haumavarga/Asiatic Hillmen archers
PER8   Saka Haumavarga/Asiatic Hillmen slingers
PER9   Light cavalry with javelin
PER10   Satrapal Guard cavalry
PER11   Guard cavalry
PER12   Iranian cavalry
PER13   Arab cavalry
PER14   Skythian cavalry with spear
PER15   Skythian cavalry with bow
PER16   Mounted General (1)
PER17   Scythed chariot with crew and driver (2)
PER18   Scythed chariot with Xerxes (1)
PER19   Scythed chariot with Cyrus  (1)
PER20   Xerxes (1)
PER21   Cyrus (1)
PER22   Separate shields (10)
Achaemenid Persian Army PackContains 2 x PER5. 1 1/2 x PER3.  1 x PER1, 2, 4, 9

GRE1   Foot command
GRE2   Armoured hoplites in tunic cuirass 
GRE3   Armoured hoplites bronze cuirass
GRE4   Spartan hoplites
GRE5   Peltasts with short spear
GRE6   Cretan/Psiloi archers
GRE7   Psiloi skirmishers
GRE8   Greek light cavalry
GRE9   Thessalian light cavalry
GRE10   Thessalian heavy cavalry
GRE11   Mounted general and leader
Greek Army PackContains 2 x GRE2. 1 x GRE1, 3, 5, 6, 8