First batch of Japanese buildings!

Today we move over to some new scenery releases with the first batch of Feudal Japanese buildings now available!  These are the Castle Arts range (which we purchased at the start of 2019) so we're excited to get them back into production.  John at Ironclad has been doing some tweaks and new moulds for us, so these are all new crisp castings and look great.  We've added pictures of the bare resin as well as the painted images supplied to us by Castle Arts.  Ignore the chap in the painted images, he's a Castle Arts figure and not from our new ranges!

The next batch of these should be some of the walls and fences, which we're hoping to have ready sometime in August.

Feudal Japan
SCN-FEU1   Samurai Dojo 
SCN-FEU5   Village House, type 1
SCN-FEU6   Samurai House 
SCN-FEU7   Village House, type 2
SCN-FEU8   Dormitory 
SCN-FEU9   Inn