March Newsletter!

Welcome to the latest Pendraken newsletter!

We've got a quick one for you this month while we're working on loads of new releases and getting ourselves prepared for Salute!

Tiny Tin Troops flags now available!

We're very pleased to announce that we've teamed up with Tony from Tiny Tin Troops to offer his entire range of flagsheets!  There are nearly 500 different sheets available covering periods from Flodden to the American Civil War and available in sizes from 6mm upto 22mm.  There are also multi-sheet packs too, allowing you to grab everything for a particular army/period at a discounted rate.  These will be of extra interest to those outside the UK, as you'll be able to get them a bit cheaper with the UK VAT removed.

We've put filters on all of these new products, so just choose the period you're looking for and then click the boxes down the left-hand column to filter the sizes you'd like to look at.

As with all of our other flags and decals products, these have got reduced rate shipping applied to save you a bit of money too.

Pendraken Painting Competition 2024!

After a busy month of entries and a week of voting, it's time to announce the winners of the 2024 Pendraken Painting Competition!  The standard of work on show has been as high as ever and we'd like to thank everyone who entered.

As usual the voting was done by our friendly Forum members who each had 5 votes to cast per category, so head over to our Forum and see the winners here!

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who entered and took the time to prepare your entries.  We always look forward to the Painting Competition and seeing what you can do with our little metal figures.  We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

Preview of upcoming Indochina expansion!

We mentioned earlier this year that there'd be a bit of an expansion coming for our Indochina range, just in time for the 70th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu.  This batch covers some new French Paratroopers along with a load of conversions on the existing Vietminh figures to give more variation.

Some of these go with items already moulded years ago so we'll do a bit of an overhaul to some of the codes and add more poses or tweak things to make them better.

Head over to the Forum to see all of the sculpts here.


The behemoth that is Salute is not far away now, taking place on Saturday 13th April.  We're going to be extremely busy in the build-up to the event so if you're wanting to place any pre-orders for collection in London, please make sure to get them placed as soon as possible.

We'll be packing the van on the Wednesday and travelling down on Thursday, so there won't be time for any last minute requests!

Important Dates

Sat 13th April - Salute, London -
Sat 4th May - Carronade, Falkirk -
Sun 19th May - Partizan, Newark -