May Newsletter!

Welcome to the latest Pendraken newsletter!

Some day soon it'll be summer in the UK, but not this day!  Despite the bad weather we're keeping busy at Pendraken HQ, so let's see what's been going on this month...

New Vallejo Game Color paints!

Vallejo have been playing around with a lot of the Game Color range recently, so we've got a few changes!

First up there's a bunch of new colours in the range (49 in total), with some new regular acrylics, some flourescents and some new Special FX paints too.  These new ones can all be found on our website here.  (The new colours have got paint pot images instead of colour swatch squares.)

Secondly as part of this change-up, they've discontinued a bunch of the old paints so we've moved all of those over to the Clearance section of our site and reduced them down to £2 per pot, so grab those before they sell out here.

And our third and final bit of news... Many of you will have visited our stand at the shows and seen our '5 for £13' offer on all of the Model Color, Game Color and Panzer Aces paints.  We've now added this offer to the website too, so you can choose any 5 pots from those Vallejo ranges and the website will automatically calculate your savings!

Useful Items section added to the website!

We've taken a bit of time to create new sections of the website containing all of our 'useful' items from the various ranges.

So if you head over to our 10mm Scenery & Terrain section here you'll now find new categories for Animals, Casualties, Civilians, Equipment, Wagons and Vehicles.  There's all sorts of interesting stuff in these, from water buffalo and camp followers through to jerry cans and trailers.

Hopefully that makes it a little easier to find the useful stuff!

First of our new Alien Sci-Fi ranges!

Techno has started working on our Alien races for the new Sci-Fi ranges and first to hit the moulding queue are the Octarii.  These tentacled terrestrials are an octopus-inspired race but would obviously work as a Cthulhu themed army too.  More pics of these new sculpts can be found on our Forum here.

Big Summer Games Day!

This year's Big Summer Games Day will be taking place on Saturday 20th July, where we'll have at least 6 Participation Games for you to enjoy, a 10% Discount off everything in our Shop, games and snacks, free parking and more!  So if you're in the area, make sure to pop in, play some games and grab some bargains!  To follow updates on this event and let us know that you're coming, head over to our Facebook page here.

And if you'd like to run a game at the event, please get in touch and we'll try to squeeze you in!


Our last show before the summer break takes us over to the north-west for Phalanx in St Helens, taking place on Saturday 22nd June.  We'll need your pre-orders for this sending through at least 7 days in advance please, and we'll look forward to seeing you there!

Important Dates

Sat 22nd June - Phalanx, St Helens -
Sat 20th July - Big Summer Games Day, Pendraken HQ
Sat 3rd Aug - Claymore, Edinburgh -