Napoleonic Dutch-Belgian flags released!

We've had a few requests for more Napoleonic flags so we've now added sheets for Dutch-Belgian, Brunswick, Nassau and Hanoverian!  These have been designed by Michael Craig from the Battle of Waterloo ( and they look great.

Information for some of these nations is quite thin on the ground so there is an element of conjecture involved with some of the designs, which are labelled on each sheet.  There's also the fact that the Dutch-Belgians didn't carry any flags in 1815, so these are actually the flags issued around 1820.  We've had a lot of requests for them though so we thought it best to put something together for the folks who like to have flags on their units.

PNFL527    1815 Dutch-Belgian 
PNFL528    1815 Brunswick & Nassau  
PNFL529    1815 Hanoverian