Napoleonic Peninsular ranges released!

We're finally able to release our Peninsular Napoleonic ranges!  Including Brits, Portuguese, Spanish, Brunswickers and more, there's almost 90 new products here covering everything you could possibly need(!)

As well as the Peninsular ranges we've also added some ADC/General types for our French and Prussians, along with mediterranean civilians, wagons and more.

There is a full buildings range to go with these as well, which we'll have released in the next two weeks.

Peninsular Napoleonic
NPB1    Centre Company, march attack   
NPB2    Centre Company, firing line   
NPB3    Flank Company, march attack (16)   
NPB4    Flank Company, firing line (16)   
NPB5    Line command   
NPB6    Mounted Officer in bicorne (5)   
NPB7    Light Infantry, advancing inc. command (16)   
NPB8    Light Infantry, firing inc. command (16)   
NPB9    Rifles   
NPB10    Highlanders, centre company, march attack   
NPB11    Highlanders foot command   
NPB12    Dragoons/Dragoon Guards in bicorne   
NPB13    Light dragoons in Tarleton helmet   
NPB14    Hussars   
NPB15    6pdr with line crew (3)   
NPB16    6pdr with horse crew (3)   
NPB17    9pdr with line crew (3)   
NPB18    9pdr with horse crew (3)   
NPB19    5.5" Howitzers with line crew (3)   
NPB20    5.5" Howitzers with horse crew (3)   
NPB21    Limber with line team / out-riders (2)   
NPB22    Limber with horse team / out-riders (2)   
NPB23    Ammo limber with line team / out-riders (2)   
NPB24    Ammo limber with horse team / out-riders (2)   
NPB25    ADC's/Generals   
NPB-AP    3 x NPB1.  1 x NPB3, NPB5, NPB12, NPB15.  1/2 x NPB9   
PNFL519    British flags   

NBK1    Jager in jacket, march attack inc. command   
NBK2    Jager in jacket, firing line inc. command   
NBK3    Scharfschutzen, inc. command   
NBK4    Hussars   
NPP1    Line infantry in barretina   
NPP2    Line command in barretina (15)   
NPP3    Line infantry in stovepipe shako   
NPP4    Line command in stovepipe shako (15)   
NPP5    Mounted officer in barretina (5)   
NPP6    Cacadores in barretina, inc. command   
NPP7    Cacadores in stovepipe shako, inc. command   
NPP8    Line Cavalry in crested helmet   
NPP9    6pdr with barretina crew (3)   
NPP10    6pdr with stovepipe crew (3)   
NPP11    9pdr with barretina crew (3)   
NPP12    9pdr with stovepipe crew (3)   
NPP13    5.5" Howitzers with barretina crew (3)   
NPP14    5.5" Howitzers with stovepipe crew (3)   
NPP15    Limber with mule team (2)   
NPP16    General Beresford    £0.75
NPP-AP    2 x NPP1, 1 x NPP2, NPP3, NPP4, NPP6, NPP8, NPP9   
PNFL220    Portuguese flags   

NSP1    Fusiliers in 1805 uniform (c1807)   
NSP2    Fusilier command in 1805 uniform (c1807)   
NSP3    Grenadiers in 1805 uniform (c1807) inc. command (16)   
NSP4    Mounted officer (5)   
NSP5    Cazadores in 1802 uniform, inc command   
NSP6    Cazadores in 1805 uniform, inc. command   
NSP7    Fusiliers in irregular 1805 uniform (c1809-1810)   
NSP8    Fusilier command in irregular 1805 uniform (c1809-1810)   
NSP9    Grenadiers in irregular 1805 uniform (c1809-1810) (16)   
NSP10    Provincial Volunteers/Militia in civilian clothes (c1809)   
NSP11    Provincial infantry in Chistera hat (c1809-1813)   
NSP12    Provincial infantry command in Chistera (c1809-1813) (15)   
NSP13    Line infantry (c1812-1814)   
NSP14    Line infantry command (1812-1814) (15)   
NSP15    Guerillas, inc. command   
NSP16    Line Cavalry   
NSP17    Dragoons   
NSP18    Hussars   
NSP19    Cazadores a Caballo   
NSP20    Garrochista lancers   
NSP21    4pdr with line crew (3)   
NSP22    4pdr with horse crew (3)   
NSP23    8pdr with line crew (3)   
NSP24    8pdr with horse crew (3)   
NSP25    12pdr with line crew (3)   
NSP26    7" Howitzer with line crew (3)   
NSP27    7" Howitzer with horse crew (3)   
NSP28    Limber with mule team (2)   
NSP29    Limber with team / out-riders (2)   
NSP30    ADC's/Generals   
NSP-AP    3 x NSP1.  1 x NSP3, NSP6, NSP16, NSP23. ½ x NSP2   
PNFL221    Spanish flags 1   
PNFL222    Spanish flags 2   

Napoleonic Misc
NPX13    Mediterranean civilians   
NPX14    Mule train (6 mules + driver)   
NPX15    Small cart with mules (2 per pack)   
NPX16    Wagons with oxen (2 per pack)   

1809 Duchy of Warsaw
NDW15    Polish General in czapska   

1809 French
NPF61    French ADCs/Generals   

1813-15 Prussian
NPR21    Prussian ADCs/Generals