New Bases Added

We've been doing these as various custom jobs for years so we thought it would be easier to add them all to the website instead, then you can order them without needing to ask! 

We've added the most popular sizes of Ovals, Pills and Rounded Corners, but as always, drop us a line if you need something slightly different.


BV2010   20x10mm   25 per pack
BV3015   30x15mm   20 per pack
BV3020   30x20mm   20 per pack
BV4020   40x20mm   15 per pack
BV4030   40x30mm   15 per pack
BV5025   50x25mm   12 per pack
BV5030   50x30mm   12 per pack
BV6030   60x30mm   10 per pack
BV6040   60x40mm   10 per pack
BV7550   75x50mm   8 per pack
BV8040   80x40mm   8 per pack
BV8060   80x60mm   6 per pack
BV10050   100x50mm   5 per pack

BP2010   20x10mm   25 per pack
BP3015   30x15mm   20 per pack
BP3020   30x20mm   20 per pack
BP4020   40x20mm   15 per pack
BP4030   40x30mm   15 per pack
BP5025   50x25mm   12 per pack
BP5030   50x30mm   12 per pack
BP6030   60x30mm   10 per pack
BP6040   60x40mm   10 per pack
BP7550   75x50mm   8 per pack
BP8040   80x40mm   8 per pack
BP8060   80x60mm   6 per pack
BP10050   100x50mm   5 per pack

Rounded (all with 5mm rounded edge)
BR2020   20x20mm   25 per pack
BR2525   25x25mm   20 per pack
BR3020   30x20mm   20 per pack
BR3030   30x30mm   15 per pack
BR4020   40x20mm   15 per pack
BR4030   40x30mm   14 per pack
BR4040   40x40mm   12 per pack
BR5025   50x25mm   12 per pack
BR5030   50x30mm   12 per pack
BR5040   50x40mm   10 per pack
BR5050   50x50mm   10 per pack
BR5030   60x30mm   10 per pack
BR6040   60x40mm   10 per pack
BR8030   80x30mm   8 per pack
BR8040   80x40mm   8 per pack
BR8060   80x60mm   6 per pack
BR8080   80x80mm   5 per pack
BR10050   100x50mm   5 per pack
BR100100   100x100mm   3 per pack