New ECW codes!

We've been doing some work on our ECW range recently with a variety of revamps and new releases for you!  First up we've got some new Scots codes in the form of infantry and cavalry casualties (commissioned by our own mollinary) and some armoured pikemen.  Next we've upgraded the old dismounted dragoons and peasants with newer sculpts and more poses, and then we've also taken the opportunity to remould a few of the older codes and split the pikement into either standing or advancing options.  So you can now choose whether to have your pike blocks stationary or on the move!

And finally we've added photos of the full range to the website!

English Civil War
EC43   Pikemen casualty in Scots bonnet (10)  
EC44   Pikemen casualty in morion helmet (10)  
EC45   Musketeer casualty in Scots bonnet (10)  
EC46   Mounted casualty in Scots bonnet (5)  
EC47a   Scots armoured pikemen, standing (15)  
EC47b   Scots armoured pikemen, advancing (15)
EC4   Dismounted dragoons - REVAMPED
EC8   Peasants with improvised weapons - REVAMPED
EC1a   Armoured pikemen, standing
EC1b   Armoured pikemen, advancing
EC2a   Unarmoured pikemen, standing
EC2b   Unarmoured pikemen, advancing
EC16a   Scots unarmoured pikemen, standing
EC16b   Scots unarmoured pikemen, advancing