New Litko Tokens have arrived!

New Litko Tokens are now available on the site!  Our first delivery came in today so we've now got these in stock:

TS001-BLK    Skull Tokens, Black (10)
TS001-TGY    Skull Tokens, Translucent Grey (10)
TS001-VRY    Skull Tokens, Ivory (10)
TS004-RED    Targeting Reticle Tokens, Red (10)
TS005        Large Bio hazard Token Set, Yellow (10)
TS006        Large Smoke Tokens, Translucent Grey (10)
TS007        Large Fire Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS010-BLK    Mini Skull Tokens, Black (15)
TS010-TGY    Mini Skull Tokens, Translucent Grey (15)
TS010-TWT    Mini Skull Tokens, Transparent White (15)
TS019        Mini Targeting Reticules, Red (10)
TS022        Hand Grenade Tokens, Green (10)
TS024-LG     Flame Markers, Large, Translucent Yellow (3)
TS024-MD     Flame Markers, Medium, Translucent Yellow (5)
TS024-SM     Flame Markers, Small, Translucent Yellow (7)
TS026-LRG    Flaming Wreckage Markers, Large (3)
TS026-MED    Flaming Wreckage Markers, Medium (5)
TS026-SML    Flaming Wreckage Markers, Small (7)
TS027-LG     Flame Markers, Large, Fluorescent Amber (3)
TS035-BLK    Attack Tokens, Black (10)
TS035-BLU    Attack Tokens, Blue (10)
TS035-GRN    Attack Tokens, Green (10)
TS035-RED    Attack Tokens, Red (10)
TS037-BLK    Flanked Tokens, Black (10)
TS037-BLU    Flanked Tokens, Blue (10)
TS037-GRN    Flanked Tokens, Green (10)
TS037-RED    Flanked Tokens, Red (10)
TS039-ABR    Cover Fire Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS041-BRN    Dug-In Tokens, Brown (10)
TS042-YLW    Alert! Tokens, Yellow (10)
TS043-BLK    Move Tokens, Black (10)
TS043-BLU    Move Tokens, Blue (10)
TS043-GRN    Move Tokens, Green (10)
TS043-RED    Move Tokens, Red (10)
TS048-RED    Bullet Arrow Tokens, Red (10)
TS050-FGR    Acid Splatter Tokens, Fluorescent Green  (10)
TS050-RED    Blood Splatter Tokens, Red (10)
TS080        Smoke Screen Markers, Mini, Translucent White (4)
TS081        Smoke Screen Markers, Small, Translucent White (4)
TS082        Smoke Screen Markers, Medium, Translucent White (4)
TS083        Smoke Screen Markers, Large, Translucent White (4)
TS105-XL     Flaming Wreckage Marker, Extra Large
TS107-SML    Artillery Strike Markers, Small (7)
TS108        Activated Tokens, Fluorescent Green (10)
TS241        Bunker Markers, Brown (5)
TS242-BRN    MineField Tokens, Brown (10)
TS243-BRN    Tank Trap Tokens, Brown (10)
TS244-BRN    Barbed Wire Tokens, Brown (10)
TS245-BRN    Trench Works Tokens, Brown (10)