New Napoleonic releases now available!

We originally planned to have these released last year alongside the Peninsular project but they're here now!

These new generic Confederation troops are designed to fill some of the minor contingents provided to the French army in Spain.  They adopted French organisation with grenadier and voltigeur elite companies, wearing either French or German-style uniforms.  Figures wearing the French 'habit' can be sourced from the existing 1809 range and then these new figures in a jacket-type 'habit-veste' and 'kollet' will fill in for the rest.

As well as the above, we've also added some extra Spanish infantry in march attack poses, just for those folks who prefer their units to be in more regular formations.


1809 Confederation
NCR1    Fusiliers in overall trousers
NCR2    Grenadiers/Voltigeurs in overall trousers  
NCR3    Fusiliers in breeches and gaiters 
NCR4    Grenadiers/Voltigeurs in breeches and gaiters

Peninsular Spanish
NSP31    Cazadores in 1802 uniform, march attack   
NSP32    Cazadores in 1805 uniform, march attack 
NSP33    Fusiliers in 1805 irregular uniform, march attack

(All packs contain 30 foot)