New spears and pikes available!

Our first release of the new year is a very useful addition for multiple scales, with wire spears and pikes now available in various sizes.

These are made from 0.8mm coated steel wire and are extremely strong, so won't get bent during use.  They're also very sharp so watch your fingers when you're picking up your units!

We've got both the flattened spear tip and pointed pike tip versions in 40mm, 50mm, 80mm and 100mm options too.

Weapons -
WEA-SP40P   40mm spears, with pike tip (x30)   £4.95
WEA-SP40S   40mm spears, with spear tip (x30)    £4.95
WEA-SP50P   50mm spears, with pike tip (x30)    £4.95
WEA-SP50S   50mm spears, with spear tip (x30)    £4.95

WEA-SP80P    80mm spears, with pike tip (x20)    £3.95
WEA-SP80S   80mm spears, with spear tip (x20)    £3.95

WEA-SP100P    100mm spears, with pike tip (x20)    £3.95
WEA-SP100S   100mm spears, with spear tip (x20)    £3.95