New Tufts and Strips available!

We've had these in the shop/website for a while now but we've not announced them properly!  We're now stocking the Javis tuft and strip packs to add some extra detailing to all of your bases.  The Tuft packs contain a minimum of 48 pieces and the Strips have 4 per pack, each measuring around 120mm in length. 

JAV-JTUFT4    Forest Mix, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JTUFT5    Spring Mix, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JTUFT6    Summer Mix, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JTUFT7    Autumn Mix, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JTUFT8    Green, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JTUFT9    Winter Grass, 10mm   £4.00
JAV-JTUFT10   Summer Green, 10mm   £4.00
JAV-JTUFT11    Flower Mix, 10mm   £4.00

JAV-JSTRIP4    Forest Mix, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JSTRIP5    Spring Mix, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JSTRIP6    Summer Mix, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JSTRIP7    Autumn Mix, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JSTRIP8    Green, 6mm   £4.00
JAV-JSTRIP9    Winter Grass, 10mm   £4.00
JAV-JSTRIP10    Summer Green, 10mm   £4.00
JAV-JSTRIP11    Flower Mix, 10mm   £4.00