Next batch of Sci-Fi vehicles previewed!

After the first batch were previewed last month, we've got the remaining two sets of vehicles and support weapons all photo'd for you now.  These will be heading to moulds once we return from our Christmas break.

The first two Sci-Fi ranges have all been production moulded but we ran out of time to get them photo'd for their release.  So it'll be easier to get that done in the new year and then they can be our first release of 2024.  The second two ranges will then follow on in mid-January and the final two will be launched at the end of the month. 

Each of these sets contains a similar mix:

- Personnel, Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Missile Battery, and Main Battle tanks
- Mortar, Rocket Launcher and Drones
- Light Artillery and Heavy Artillery pieces

Human Griffon
HumanGriffonVehicles by Leon Pengilley, on Flickr

Human Free States