November Newsletter!

Welcome to the latest Pendraken newsletter!

After a few initial wrinkles, our new website has has been very well received and is proving to be much better and faster than our previous one!  The added features are proving very useful and we hope you've all found it a lot easier to use.  We'd also like to thank you for all of your orders too, we really appreciate your support and we're working hard to get everything cast up and shipped out.

Christmas Order Deadlines

With the weeks flying by it'll soon be time to get your baubles out and fill your face with mince pies!

And of course you'll be wanting some Pendraken goodies under your tree, so remember to get those Christmas orders sent in to us as soon as possible!

Sci-Fi Vehicles Previewed!

We're really excited to show you the first of the vehicles, support weapons and artillery for our upcoming Sci-Fi ranges.  These are all going into low-temp moulds and then we can start prepping them for a release.
Each of these sets contains a similar mix:

- Personnel, Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Missile Battery, and Main Battle tanks
- Mortar, Rocket Launcher and Drones
- Light Artillery and Heavy Artillery pieces

Pictures of the first 4 sets are up now on our Forum here:,22738.0.html

After a busy weekend down at Warfare in Farnborough, we've only got one show left... our very own Battleground!  This year it's our 10th Anniversary show so we're hoping for a bumper turnout.  We've got 30 traders, 25 games, 5 living history groups, 2 historical talks and a tabletop sale, so more than enough to keep you busy.

And it's all completely FREE too!  With free parking and free entry, there's no reason not to pop along and take a look.

And finally for this year, we'll be having a Big Prize Giveaway at 2pm, with over 20 prizes being given away to our visitors.  So if you've got a spare few hours on Saturday 25th November, why not come down and get involved.

Price Increase on January 1st

We mentioned this back in the summer but the weeks have flown by and there's not long until the end of the year and our impending price increase.  We've not finalised the new pricing yet but it is likely to be in the region of 10-15% across all of our 10mm products as well as MDF bases and selected other lines.  We'll confirm exactly what the new pricing structure will be as soon as we can but we're waiting for news on things like mortgage rates, minimum wages, etc. before we can make a firm decision.

So if you've got any projects planned and you'd like to get in before the prices change, make sure to get your orders placed before the end of the year!

Important Dates

Sat 25th Nov - Battleground in Stockton-on-Tees
Sun 26th Nov - Rest of the World deadline for Christmas orders
Sun 3rd Dec - Europe and North America deadline for Christmas orders
Sun 10th Dec - UK deadline for Christmas orders