Russo-Japanese flags released!

We've got a bit of an early Christmas present for all of the people who've been asking for these! The flagsheets for our new Russo-Japanese range are now available, with a single sheet for the Japanese and a trio for the Russians, including a cavalry sheet.

The amount of solid reference material for this period is thin on the ground so Tony of TinyTinTroops has spent a massive amount of time digging through both English and Russian sources to make sure that these are as accurate as possible.  The end result is certainly worth it though as they look great.

Russo-Japanese -
PNFL801    Japanese    £2.95
PNFL802    Russian, type 1    £2.95
PNFL803    Russian, type 2    £2.95
PNFL804    Russian Cavalry    £2.95

And some pics: