Techno's Night Terrors now available!

Our next release of the year is a really fun one, as Techno's Night Terrors are now available!  These Fantasy chaotic hybrid sculpts are sculpted by Phil Lewis and are an eclectic combination of heads, weapons and limbs to create some truly weird looking creatures!  

For anyone unaware of Phil's background, he worked at Games Workshop in the early 1990s, overseeing the photography, painting and sculpting departments at various points.  Some folks may remember his Blood Bowl team that appeared in White Dwarf many moons ago, with these new figures following a similar old-school theme.

So for a bit of 1990's nostalgia, take a look!

Techno's Night Terrors
TNT-CLW    The Claw
TNT-GAR    Gargantua
TNT-QUA    Quadro
TNT-SAY    Sayford
TNT-VSP    Vespa
TNT-WLF    Wolfkin
(all priced at £5 each)