Vallejo Game Color News!

Vallejo have been playing around with a lot of the Game Color range recently, so we've got a few changes!

First up there's a bunch of new colours in the range (49 in total), with some new regular acrylics, some flourescents and some new Special FX paints too.  These new ones can all be found below and on our website here:  (The new colours have got paint pot images instead of colour swatch squares.)

Secondly as part of this change-up, they've discontinued a bunch of the old paints so we've moved all of those over to the Clearance section of our site and reduced them down to £2 per pot:

And our third and final bit of news... Many of you will have visited our stand at the shows and seen our '5 for £13' offer on all of the Model Color, Game Color and Panzer Aces paints.  We've now added this offer to the website too, so you can choose any 5 pots from those Vallejo ranges and the website will automatically calculate your savings!

New Colours:
VAL72107    Anthea Skin
VAL72108    Succubus Skin
VAL72071    Barbarian Skin
VAL72109    Toxic Yellow
VAL72110    Sunset Orange
VAL72106    Scarlet Blood
VAL72111    Nocturnal Red
VAL72112    Evil Red
VAL72113    Deep Magenta
VAL72114    Lustful Purple
VAL72076    Alien Purple
VAL72116    Midnight Purple
VAL72117    Elfic Blue
VAL72118    Sunrise Blue
VAL72119    Aquamarine
VAL72120    Abyssal Turquoise
VAL72121    Ghost Green
VAL72122    Bile Green
VAL72123    Angel Green
VAL72115    Grunge Brown
VAL72124    Gorgon Brown
VAL73208    Yellow Wash
VAL73209    Violet Wash
VAL72600    Vomit
VAL72601    Fresh Blood
VAL72602    Thick Blood
VAL72603    Demon Blood
VAL72604    Frost
VAL72605    Green Rust
VAL72606    Bile Green
VAL72607    Acid
VAL72608    Corrosion
VAL72609    Rust
VAL72610    Galvanic Corrosion
VAL72611    Moss + Lichen
VAL72156    Flourescent Orange
VAL72157    Flourescent Red
VAL72158    Flourescent Magenta
VAL72159    Flourescent Violet
VAL72160    Flourescent Blue
VAL72161    Flourescent Cold Green
VAL72082    White Ink
VAL72083    Magenta Ink
VAL72084    Dark Turquoise Ink
VAL71261    Airbrush Thinner
VAL72650    Gloss Polyurethane Varnish
VAL72651    Matt Polyurethane Varnish
VAL72652    Satin Polyurethane Varnish
VAL72653    Ultra Matt Polyurethane Varnish

Discontinued Colours:
VAL72041    Dwarf Skin
VAL72037    Filthy Brown
VAL72046    Ghost Grey
VAL73205    Green Shade
VAL72147    Heavy Blackgreen
VAL72143    Heavy Blue
VAL72144    Heavy Bluegrey
VAL72153    Heavy Brown
VAL72151    Heavy Goldbrown
VAL72146    Heavy Green
VAL72149    Heavy Khaki
VAL72150    Heavy Ochre
VAL72152    Heavy Orange
VAL72141    Heavy Red
VAL72154    Heavy Siena
VAL72140    Heavy Skintone
VAL72142    Heavy Violet
VAL72092    Inky Brown
VAL72033    Livery Green
VAL72105    Mutation Green
VAL73202    Pale Grey Shade
VAL72097    Pale Yellow
VAL72017    Sick Blue
VAL72068    Smokey Ink
VAL72018    Stormy Blue
VAL72065    Terracotta
VAL72002    White Primer
VAL72064    Yellow Olive