Germany attacked Poland on 1st September and their subsequent refusal to withdraw brought Britain and France into the conflict on 3rd September. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Poles fought hard. Most of their armour were small tankettes, but the Poles did have some better tanks. Their own adaptation of the license built Vickers, the single turret 7TP, was better than most of the German tanks, but there were too few of them and they were not ready for the "Blitzkrieg" style of fighting. The campaign included frequent use of Armoured trains, but the cavalry charging tanks is a myth. On one occasion at Krojanty Polish Uhlans charged some German infantry and routed them, delaying the German pursuit for 24 hours, but the cavalry did suffer heavy losses from machine gun fire when caught in the open by German troops. The country's fate was sealed when Russia invaded from the east on 17th September, and Poland finally surrendered on 6th October. Many of the Polish troops fled to Britain to continue the fight, including most of the legendary 10th Cavalry Brigade who retreated through Hungary and fought in the Battle of France with French supplied tanks.
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